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Ohio Department of Education selects Cignition for K-12 tutoring.

Ohio Department of Education selects Cignition for K-12 tutoring.

“Our Research-Proven Tutoring Approach for Student Success”

Cignition, a virtual tutoring platform, is partnering with the Ohio Department of Education through the Future Forward Ohio initiative to provide high-dosage tutoring programs for K-12 schools. This collaborative learning-based approach aims to help students achieve deep understanding and skill, preparing them for current and future classroom learning and the workplace of tomorrow.

Supporting Students Affected by the Pandemic

Future Forward Ohio directs the state’s Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds towards aiding students affected by the pandemic. The Ohio DOE’s assessments have identified a significant decline in student proficiency due to learning challenges caused by remote learning disruptions.

The Impact of High-Dosage Tutoring

High-dosage tutoring, characterized by an average of at least 90 minutes of tutoring per week, has proven to deliver lasting academic improvements. Studies conducted by Stanford University’s National Student Support Accelerator highlight the effectiveness of high-dosage tutoring, particularly for students who are lagging academically.

Cignition’s Effective Program

Cignition’s tutoring program aligns with the most promising practices in high-impact tutoring. With consistent, effective tutors who develop strong relationships with students and provide engaging, personalized instruction, Cignition has been successful in improving learning outcomes and performance on key assessments.

Applying for High-Dosage Tutoring

Districts interested in applying for high-dosage tutoring for the 2023-2024 school year can visit the Ohio DOE for more information. Cignition also meets the standards of the Expanding Opportunities for Each Child (EOEC) grant program, allowing schools with EOEC funds to leverage them with Cignition.

About Cignition

Cignition, founded in 2014, aims to build conceptual understanding one engaged learner at a time. Their K-12 virtual tutoring platform focuses on data-informed instruction and collaborative learning to encourage student-to-student interaction and deep conceptual understanding. Cignition’s award-winning FogStone Isle virtual world math supplement has been used by hundreds of thousands of elementary and middle school students and teachers nationwide.

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Media Contact

Contact Shaun Wiley from L. Wolfe Communications for Cignition at 1-312-9538085 or [email protected].

SOURCE: Cignition

Ohio Department of Education selects Cignition for K-12 tutoring.


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