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“National Treasure flips historical perspectives – CBR”

National Treasure: Edge of History’s Perspective

The popular movie franchise, National Treasure, is known for its exciting treasure hunts and adventurous storylines. However, the latest installment, National Treasure: Edge of History, takes a different approach when it comes to perspective.

The Opposite of the Previous Movies

Unlike the previous movies, which focused on the protagonist’s journey to uncover secrets and mysteries, National Treasure: Edge of History highlights the perspectives of those who have been affected by the history and artifacts being sought.

It seeks to shine a light on how history can be weaponized and distorted for personal gain, and how those who have been historically marginalized can have a different relationship with artifacts and historical sites.

A New Direction for the Franchise

This change in perspective marks a new direction for the franchise and demonstrates a growing awareness of the complexity of history and how it is perceived by different people.

It is refreshing to see a franchise take risks and explore new themes, and National Treasure: Edge of History is sure to spark interesting discussions and debates about the importance of history in shaping our present and future.


Overall, National Treasure: Edge of History offers a fresh perspective on a popular movie franchise and encourages viewers to consider the importance of history from different viewpoints. It is a movie that is sure to entertain and enlighten, and fans of the previous movies are sure to enjoy this latest installment.


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