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MSL Guide for Medical Liaisons - 2023.

MSL Guide for Medical Liaisons – 2023.


A new report titled “A Practical Guide to MSL Performance Reviews: Designing a Fair Evaluation Framework for a Flexible Role” has been added to’s offering. The report provides insights into current Medical Science Liaison (MSL) performance metrics and offers implementable models for establishing best practices.

Current Practices

The report is based on an analysis of current practices and feedback from 153 executives across 92 organizations from 37 countries. The study presents various models of MSL performance assessments based on products’ lifecycles, as well as a “consensus” model.

A Practical Guide to MSL Performance Reviews is the most comprehensive study to date that provides a framework for the MSL evaluation process. The report addresses the challenge of evaluating and valuing an MSL’s work, which has been a struggle for upper-level management, MSL managers, and MSLs due to the nature of the MSL function. The nature of the MSL function evolves with a product from early phases to maturity, whereas the set of activities carried out by an MSL stays the same throughout but is applied to various degrees based on where the supported products are in their lifecycle.

Proposed Evaluation Framework

The report proposes a performance metric assessment model that encompasses all findings. The model is based on thought leader engagement methods, typical profiles targeted throughout a products’ lifecycle, stakeholders, and many more critical metrics to assist in the development of a grounded strategy.


The report presents an analysis of typical activities of MSLs during pre and post-launch stages and how MSLs’ involvement varies during a product lifecycle. It also looks at key industry metrics and the pitfalls of MSL performance evaluations, frequency of reviews, reviewing performance reviews, preferred flow patterns, and key performance evaluation criteria.

The report presents four MSL performance assessment models, each based on different approaches, and a “consensus” roadmap for MSL performance reviews. The models take into account products’ lifecycle and offer distinct criteria based on what needs to be done in each phase of the product lifecycle to evaluate the MSL role better.


The report provides a detailed study of the current MSL career landscape and future expectations, MSLs’ activity profiles, typical key industry metrics used to evaluate MSLs, ins-and-outs of MSL performance reviews, and MSL performance assessment models. It serves as a useful guide for executives, MSL managers, and MSLs to establish appropriate practices to evaluate and value an MSL’s work. is the world’s leading source for international market research reports and market data. They provide the latest data on international and regional markets, key industries, the top companies, new products, and the latest trends. For more information about this report, visit

MSL Guide for Medical Liaisons - 2023.


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