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Mother's tale launches Autism Awareness Month.

Mother’s tale launches Autism Awareness Month.

April is Autism Awareness Month

Published: Apr 09, 2023 07:00 AM

April is Autism Awareness Month and the CDC has reported that approximately 1 in 36 children in the US is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). While awareness is crucial, education about autism is also vital. Families United in Newtown (FUN) co-founder, Linda Jones stresses the importance of education for local children affected.

During April, The Newtown Bee will produce weekly features promoting autism awareness and education. The features will be a collaboration between FUN and Newtown Youth and Family Services, who provide several effective programs supporting local young people on the spectrum.

First-Hand Observations From a Local Parent

Amanda Perna, among the growing number of local parents of children diagnosed with ASD, shared her experiences of raising an autistic child. It can be like having a child that speaks in a foreign language, and meeting their needs and teaching them without speaking their language can be a challenge. She emphasizes the value of reading books written by autistic people, and learning from them. There is no “random” language for autistic children, and trying to communicate with them in their own ways can be taxing.

Parents of autistic children should demonstrate love and acceptance, which is easier than empathy. They should not hold their child to neurotypical standards, and the language they use is crucial. Autistic people prefer “Autistic Person” instead of “Person with Autism,” and the infinity sign over the puzzle piece to represent who they are. They also do not like the categories “high functioning” or “low functioning” and relate to each other in terms of their “support needs.”

Efforts to Help Educate Emergency Responders

Next week, The Newtown Bee will report on locally-based efforts to help educate emergency responders on how to deal and treat individuals on the autism spectrum effectively.


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