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Meow-some Moments: The Top 20 Cutest Cat Videos to Watch Right Meow

Get Ready to Smile: Here Are the Top 20 Cutest Cat Videos to Watch Right Meow

1. Cat and stuffed animal “conversation”

You won’t be able to resist the adorable back-and-forth this cat has with his stuffed animal friend, complete with meows and head tilts.

2. Kitten discovers tail

This video captures the pure joy and curiosity of a kitten discovering its own tail, resulting in plenty of chasing, swatting, and giggles

3. Cat catches treat

Watch in amazement as this cat uses impressive agility to catch its treat mid-air with ninja-like reflexes

4. Munchkin kittens running on the beach

Seeing these tiny Munchkin kittens scampering along the sandy beach is bound to make any cat lover’s heart soar.

5. Talking cat

This chatty feline has plenty to say to its owner, leading to an adorable “conversation” that will have you making a mental note to try it with your own kitty.

6. Cat and baby snuggles

Prepare for an overdose of cuteness with this video of a baby snuggled up to a sleepy, purring feline companion.

7. Surprise kitten in box

Who doesn’t love a good “surprise kitten” video? This one is especially heartwarming as the kitten is overjoyed to see its new home and human family.

8. Cat plays piano

This musical feline has mastered the art of playing the keyboard and adds a perky tune to its owner’s daily routine.

9. Kitten vs ball pit

An exploration of a ball pit is irresistible to both young humans and kittens, and this video captures the sheer fun and excitement of romping through colorful balls.

10. Cat begs for bedtime story

When a perky kitty snuggles up next to its owner and eagerly requests a bedtime story, it’s tough to resist. The accompanying playfulness and cuteness are pure joy.

11. Kitten takes first bath

This video documents a tiny kitten having its very first bath while clinging to its plush toy for comfort. It’s a perfect example of cuteness overload. -photo here

12. Cat watching horror movie

Nothing makes this cat happier than curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watching its favorite horror flick. The accompanying expressions of terror and joy are priceless.

13. Kitten falls asleep mid-meal

This video captures a little kitten nodding off halfway through its meal, complete with tiny paw nudges as it sinks into bliss.

14. Cat and bird cuddles

You might expect these natural enemies to behave differently, but this cat and bird pair love snuggling and grooming each other, displaying a heartwarming bond.

15. Kitten chases laser

The frenzy and excitement of a kitten chasing a laser is perfectly captured in this video, its agility and leaps calculated and almost hypnotic.

16. Oreo the bathtub-loving cat

Unlike most cats, Oreo can’t seem to get enough water and delights in splashing about in his bathtub, adding joy and quirkiness to any home.

17. Kittens playing with boxes

This classic kitten past-time of playing with boxes is always fun to watch, but add in multiple mischief-makers, such as this furry group, and it’s pure comedy.

18. Cat and dog curl up together

This delightful video displays another unlikely animal friendship between a cat and dog, curled up adorably together-there for safety, comfort, and snuggles.

19. Kitten massaging human’s back

Don’t be surprised if you feel a sudden urge to call a professional massage therapist after watching this cat use its paws and strong pressure to give its unique brand of soothing back-rubs -photo

20. Cat surprises soldier dad

This beautiful reunion after a long tour of duty is sure to tug at your heartstrings as the loyal cat lunges at and affectionately licking its returning owner’s face.

No matter the mood or time of day, any one of these top 20 cat videos is guaranteed to provide laughs, smiles, and plenty of purring joy. Don’t wait for the perfect excuse, pick any one at random and brighten up your day right meow!

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