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Marine Discovery meets Art in Los Angeles.

Marine Discovery meets Art in Los Angeles.

ArtLab – Art & Marine Science Workshop

Date: July 1, 2023

By Jane Smith, Associate Editor


ArtLab is an innovative workshop hosted by the Art & Marine Science Institute in Los Angeles. It aims to bridge the gap between art and science, providing a unique platform for artists and marine scientists to collaborate and explore the intersection of the two fields. This year’s workshop, held on July 1, 2023, promises exciting opportunities for creative expression and learning.

Connecting Art and Marine Science

The ArtLab workshop brings together artists and marine scientists to foster collaboration and mutual learning. Through various interactive sessions and activities, participants have the chance to explore the intricate relationship between art and oceanic ecosystems. Here, artists gain insights into marine science while scientists get exposed to artistic perspectives.

Hands-on Art Activities

During the workshop, participants engage in a range of hands-on art activities inspired by marine science themes. These activities include:

1. Underwater Photography

Participants learn how to capture the beauty of marine life through underwater photography techniques. They explore the vibrant colors, patterns, and textures found in the ocean, bringing them to life through the lens.

2. Eco-friendly Sculpture

Artists use recycled and eco-friendly materials to create sculptures that highlight environmental issues affecting marine ecosystems. By repurposing materials, participants demonstrate sustainability and raise awareness about the importance of preserving our oceans.

3. Marine-inspired Painting

Painting sessions allow artists to express their interpretations of marine life using various styles and techniques. From realistic depictions to abstract representations, participants dive into their creativity while channeling inspiration from the ocean.

Collaborative Projects

ArtLab emphasizes collaboration between artists and marine scientists, encouraging them to work together on interactive projects. These projects involve artists visually interpreting scientific data or marine concepts, resulting in thought-provoking exhibitions and installations that merge art with scientific knowledge.

Expert Guidance

Throughout the workshop, attendees benefit from the guidance of experienced professionals in both art and marine science. Renowned artists and marine scientists conduct informative sessions and provide valuable feedback, ensuring participants receive expert insights to enhance their understanding and skills.


The ArtLab workshop offers a rare platform for creative individuals interested in art and marine science to come together, learn, and collaborate. By exploring the intersection of these fields, participants gain a deeper appreciation for the ocean and contribute to raising awareness about marine conservation. As ArtLab continues to inspire and unite artists and scientists, its impact on both fields is sure to grow.


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