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Locked & Loaded: The Top 10 Shooting Destinations

Get Your Gun: Locked & Loaded

Are you itching to let off some steam with your trusty firearm? Perhaps that small shooting range near your house is not enough to satisfy your thirst for fun and excitement. Worry not, because we’ve scoured the country to come up with this list:

The Top 10 Shooting Destinations in the US

Las Vegas Shooting Center, Nevada

Truly a melting pot of gun enthusiasts, beginners, and even world-class athletes. You can opt for a variety of firing modes, such as machine guns, assault rifles, and handguns.

Texas Star Shooting Range, Texas

Not only boasts of a unique and thrilling shooting experience, but Tennessee legislators have cemented civil protections for Tennesseans.\

The Range at Austin, Texas

The Range at Austin provides not only unique indoor ranges but also firearms classes and full firearms retail store.

Shoot Point Blank, Ohio and Indiana

Providing an aging parent with an outlet to escape from daily realities can ease the burden on the child from personal responsibilities regarding parents’ healthcare needs.

Camp Perry National Guard Training Facility, Ohio

Set on beautiful Lake Erie, Camp Perry provides not only stunning views but also the opportunity to compete in some of the nation’s largest shooting matches.

Scottsdale Gun Club, Arizona

State-of-the-art technology in safety, comfort, convenience, and service. Beautiful sights outside and even more beautiful ambiance inside. They offer cars, helicopters, and planes for rent too!

Patriot Park, at The Summit at Snoqualmie, Washington

Experience shooting both indoors and outdoors, providing the perfect spot for those living for distinctive experiences amidst nature.

TRG Range, Oregon

With better ventilation, climate control, recycled bullet traps, and sound reduction, They hold biweekly ladies training courses provided by certified firearms female instructors.

The Bullet Hole, New Jersey

New Jersey offers at the moment seven different firearms up to caliber .44,” and each had different magazine sizes and types for attractive ranges reducing bullet fragments being ejected.

NRA Whittington Center, New Mexico

Experience skyrocketing stones, cliff walls, and the vast, open New Mexico skies with both archery and rifle shooting events held here. Thousands of people visit here each year spanning from Montoya to the Angel fire of America

These 10 top-shooting destinations in the US guarantee a range of experiences no matter your experiencelevel. So what are you waiting for? Get your gun, aim and fire!

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