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Local historians discuss Clarksdale’s rich past.

History Is Lunch: Paul Cartwright, Gene Horton, and Tricia Nelson

In a recent Lunch with Books program, Paul Cartwright, Gene Horton, and Tricia Nelson discussed the significance of their roles in preserving and promoting the history of Clarksdale. The event was organized by the Clarksdale Press Register, aiming to shed light on the city’s rich heritage and the efforts undertaken to document and share it.

The Legacy of Paul Cartwright

Paul Cartwright, a renowned historian and author, has dedicated his life to researching and documenting the history of Clarksdale. Through his numerous publications and lectures, he has become a prominent figure in the preservation of the city’s heritage. Cartwright’s work not only uncovers forgotten stories but also allows current and future generations to connect with their roots and gain a deeper understanding of their community’s past.

Gene Horton: Capturing the Essence of Clarksdale

Gene Horton, an accomplished photographer, has played a vital role in preserving Clarksdale’s visual history. His collection of captivating images captures the essence of a bygone era and serves as a precious archive for the community. Horton’s photographs not only showcase iconic landmarks but also portray the everyday lives of Clarksdale residents, creating a comprehensive visual narrative of the city’s evolution over time.

Promoting Clarksdale’s History: Tricia Nelson’s Contributions

Tricia Nelson, a passionate advocate for Clarksdale’s history, has been instrumental in organizing various cultural events and initiatives. As the driving force behind numerous exhibitions, workshops, and educational programs, Nelson actively engages the community and educates them about the city’s past. Through her dedication and commitment, she has succeeded in creating a platform where individuals from all walks of life can come together to appreciate and celebrate Clarksdale’s rich heritage.

Preserving Clarksdale’s Identity: A Collective Effort

The combined efforts of Cartwright, Horton, and Nelson have significantly contributed to the preservation and promotion of Clarksdale’s history. Their unwavering dedication and passion have ensured that the city’s unique stories are not forgotten but cherished and shared. By exploring the past, Clarksdale’s residents can gain a deeper sense of identity and pride, empowering them to shape a brighter future for their beloved community.


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