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Lincoln Board of Education candidate: Emmy Pollen.

Lincoln Board of Education candidate: Emmy Pollen.

Emmy Pollen Runs for LPS School Board in District 2

Emmy Pollen, a substitute teacher at Lincoln Public Schools and self-described homemaker, is running for the Lincoln Board of Education in District 2. The 34-year-old Republican candidate hopes to bring her lifelong passion for helping children to the school board.

Pollen’s love for children traces back to her childhood when she saw ads that urged viewers to save the children. From then on, she has been working to help children in various ways, including volunteering in orphanages in countries like Romania and Trinidad, working as a foster parent, and teaching in classrooms.

Pollen’s decision to run for the school board came after learning that only one candidate had filed for the open seat. Along with her desire to bring competition to the race, Pollen believes that her experience as an educator for over a decade makes her a good fit for the position.

Pollen’s love for children is not just an emotional passion; she has a degree in intercultural relations from the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, Minnesota, and has worked as a paraeducator in Urbandale, Iowa, and Des Moines. After moving to Lincoln with her husband in 2018, Pollen worked as an infant teacher at a local preschool and became a sub at LPS in 2023.

Pollen’s experience as an educator coupled with her passion for helping children makes her a good candidate for the Lincoln Board of Education. “I care a lot about kids. (Running for school board) just seemed like a good fit,” Pollen said.


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