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Lazy Aussie mum’s hack to feed kids effortlessly.

Lazy Aussie mum’s hack to feed kids effortlessly.

Title: Busy Mum of Two Shares Genius Freezing Method to Simplify Mealtime

When Alyssa Burton, a busy mother of two, found herself struggling to feed her hungry children after a long day’s work, she decided to explore a quick and easy cooking method. By embracing batch cooking and bulk freezing, Alyssa has made her life at home much easier. In this article, we will delve into the details of her clever freezing system and the benefits it brings to her family.

Organized Freezing Method:
Inspired by her own childhood where leftovers were utilized effectively, Alyssa expanded on her mother’s approach and started cooking larger quantities of meals to store as leftovers. She discovered that freezing these delicious and “kid-friendly” leftovers in silicone muffin trays was both practical and efficient. After overnight freezing, Alyssa would pack the frozen meals into labeled zip lock bags, noting the date and contents with a permanent marker. She affirmed that zip lock bags take up less freezer space compared to airtight containers. For containers she uses, Alyssa writes on the lid with a chalk marker, which can be easily washed off with water.

Versatile Bolognese Sauce:
Alyssa’s go-to recipe is her homemade bolognese sauce. This sauce acts as a versatile base for multiple family-friendly recipes, a solution born out of desperation on a day when she hadn’t been able to go grocery shopping. By serving the bolognese sauce with sweet potatoes, corn, and cheese, Alyssa had a quick and delicious meal. This experience prompted her to explore other ways to utilize bolognese sauce in her cooking.

Easing Meal Preparation and Saving Money:
Alyssa’s batch cooking and freezing method has significantly reduced her cooking frequency. She only needs to cook three to four times a week, relying on leftovers or a variety of meals made from the bolognese sauce for the rest of the week. Moreover, since she doesn’t enjoy washing up, her freezing method allows her to minimize the number of dishes she needs to clean. Another advantage of her system is the cost-saving aspect. By being organized and shopping around for specials, Alyssa estimates that her family spends around $240 a week on food. Buying meat in bulk when it’s on sale and dividing it for freezing contributes to further savings.

Additional Freezing Ideas:
Alyssa also shares other freezing tips, such as freezing mince meat in portion-sized zip lock bags for easy defrosting and using muffin trays for portioning and freezing leftover spaghetti bolognese. She even freezes smoothies, which can be enjoyed later as a quick and nutritious meal.

Alyssa Burton’s innovative freezing method has revolutionized mealtime for her busy family. By embracing batch cooking and bulk freezing, she has reduced meal preparation time and created a stockpile of delicious and varied homemade meals that can be easily reheated. This method has not only made Alyssa’s life as a working mother much easier but has also resulted in significant cost savings. Whether you’re a busy parent or simply looking to simplify your meal preparation, Alyssa’s freezing method is definitely worth considering.


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