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Kendall Sq. Orch. presents Symphony for Science '23.

Kendall Sq. Orch. presents Symphony for Science ’23.

Two Women Create an Orchestra for STEM Workers in Boston Area

In an effort to build connections among workers in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) industries in the Greater Boston area, two women founded the Kendall Square Orchestra in 2018. Kelly Clark and Elena Spencer, who are both scientists and musicians, started the group as a way to build more intersections across different companies and spark innovation. Today, the orchestra has more than 70 volunteer members who rehearse after their day jobs and have raised over $125,000 for science-related causes with their annual benefit concert, Symphony for Science.

“When we discovered the power of having a mission beyond music through supporting other causes that we all cared about, I think is when things really took off for us,” Spencer said.

Sparking Innovation Across the STEM Industry

The Kendall Square Orchestra has become a cornerstone of the local STEM industry in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dozens of workers who are also musicians have joined the group, which has created harmony across the industry and helped workers build connections outside of their companies.

“Towards the end of the workday, you’re really tired and you’re thinking, ‘Gosh, like, wouldn’t I love to just go home right now?'” Clark said. “But by the time you get to rehearsal, there’s just so much energy in it.”

The orchestra has also brought on musical director Kristo Kondakci, who has a passion for bringing out the best in his performers, regardless of their skill level.

“They don’t come for a paycheck,” Kondakci said. “They come because they work really hard during the day, and they want this outlet of everything they’re going through in their own lives together in music.”

Benefiting Science-Related Causes

The 2023 Symphony for Science concert, scheduled for June 4, will benefit Next Step, an organization that connects young people with life-threatening diseases with services as they transition from pediatric to adult care. Anyone interested in learning more about the concert or getting tickets can visit the Kendall Square Orchestra website.


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