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KEET program delves into symbolic local history.

KEET program delves into symbolic local history.

“Iconic America: Our Symbols and Stories” Program and Discussion

KEET-TV is excited to present a thought-provoking program on “Iconic America: Our Symbols and Stories,” followed by a stimulating discussion focused on the iconic symbols of the North Coast. Join us on August 17 at 5:30 p.m. at the Clarke Historical Museum, located at 240 E St. in Eureka, for an evening filled with knowledge and inspiration.

Meet Our Distinguished Panelists

Hosted by the illustrious Linda Stansberry, this event will feature a panel of esteemed community experts who have an ardent passion for the iconic symbols of our region:

Julie Clark

Julie Clark, a park ranger for the Bureau of Land Management, has a profound connection to the Headwaters Forest Reserve. As the author of two exceptional local history books, namely “Falk: Lumber Company Town of the American West” and “The Lighthouses of Humboldt County,” Julie brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine love for the area’s rich heritage.

Susan Pritchard O’Hara

Susan Pritchard O’Hara is more than just an educator; she is a true advocate of knowledge. Her brilliance shines not only as a history and English teacher at Casterlin High in Southern Humboldt but also as an accomplished author with 10 books dedicated to local history. Her latest collaboration with Alex Service beautifully chronicles the 100-year history of the Fortuna Rodeo.

Patti Fleschner

Patti Fleschner’s dedication to preserving and sharing Trinidad’s rich cultural heritage makes her a valuable asset to the region. As the director of the Trinidad Museum Society and historian for Trinidad Civic Club, Patti actively contributes to the preservation of the area’s landmarks. She also writes a compelling weekly newspaper column and organizes captivating tours of the Trinidad Head Lighthouse.

Don’t Miss Out!

To reserve your spot at this enlightening event, please visit This extraordinary evening is presented in collaboration with the PBS eight-part series, “Iconic America: Our Symbols and Stories,” featuring the remarkable David Rubenstein.

We look forward to welcoming you to an evening that celebrates the essence of our region through its symbolic landmarks and captivating stories!


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