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July 26: Idaho's History & Culture Museum Unveiled!

July 26: Idaho’s History & Culture Museum Unveiled!

A Grand Opening Celebration for the Wood River Museum of History and Culture

The Community Library Association is excited to announce the grand opening celebration of the Wood River Museum of History and Culture in Ketchum. After two years of planning and preparation, the museum will officially open its doors on July 26. The celebration will take place from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at 580 Fourth St. E.

The event is free and open to the public. Attendees can enjoy refreshments and live music, including a performance from Grammy Award-winning flautist Hovia S. Edwards, who is Shoshone-Navajo-Okanogan.

A Place of Belonging and Wonderment

Jenny Emery Davidson, the executive director of the Community Library Association, expressed her hope that the museum will become an integral part of the community. She envisions it as a place where everyone can feel a sense of belonging and wonderment about the history of central Idaho. Davidson said, “We want it to be a place of deep reflection and nuanced thinking.”

Special Guests and Tours

Idaho Governor Brad Little and first lady Teresa Little will be touring the museum this month. Their visit is a testament to the significance of this new cultural institution.

Interactive Exhibits and Engaging Experiences

The museum aims to provide a unique and interactive experience for visitors. Each exhibit will feature interactive elements where patrons can write, talk, type, and share their memories. For example, in the Ernest Hemingway exhibit, visitors can sit at a typewriter similar to the one Hemingway used and try typing out their own works.

Notable Galleries

  • The Tribal Room

    At the entrance of the museum, the Tribal Room honors the history and present-day contributions of the Shoshone and Bannock Tribes, who have inhabited Central Idaho for countless generations.

  • The Cabinet of Wonders

    This unique gallery invites visitors to explore a fanciful cabinet filled with a variety of regional history artifacts. Designed and built by local cabinetmaker and artist Paul Bates, the cabinet holds surprises like a telegraph key, wax cylinder phonograph, and a beaver pelt. The artifacts in the cabinet will change periodically, providing visitors with new discoveries.

Exciting Exhibits

Visitors to the grand opening can explore three special exhibits:

  • How in the World Did You Get to Sun Valley?

    This exhibit explores the various reasons and means by which people have made their way to the secluded Sun Valley area.

  • Portrait of a Mountain

    Delve into the rich history of the Ketchum and Sun Valley area, with a particular focus on Bald Mountain. Learn about how the mountain has shaped the local landscape and influenced the lives and imaginations of those who inhabit the region.

  • A Writer in New Country: Hemingway in 1939

    This exhibit offers an in-depth exploration of Ernest Hemingway’s life when he arrived in 1939. Discover the writer at his peak, his passion for remote places, his love for outdoor adventures, and his complicated personal relationships.

An Ongoing Journey Through History

The museum will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. In addition to its fascinating exhibits, it also houses a small gift shop where visitors can find unique gifts related to the museum’s themes and regional history. Jenny Emery Davidson emphasizes the importance of historical storytelling, saying, “The richness and resilience of a community depends on its capacity to tend and tell its many stories. That is the goal of The Community Library and the Wood River Museum of History and Culture.”

So, come and be part of history at the grand opening of the Wood River Museum of History and Culture.


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