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Journey to the Stars: Top 5 Ways to Travel Interstellar

Journey Beyond Our World: Top 5 Ways to Travel Interstellar

Are you ready for the great beyond? To voyage through the fabric of space and time into the eternal depths of the universe? We may not have a working Iron Man suit just yet, but interstellar travel is well on its way to becoming a reality.

Hop Into Your Own Starship

The classic method of interstellar travel is to build your own starship vessel. While it may seem easier said than done, the technology is already there! Elon Musk’s SpaceX is already preparing to take us to Mars, and NASA is building an unmanned craft to study our sun at closer range. But constructing your own should be the ultimate goal. There’s nothing quite like being the pilot and exploring the cosmos in your own customized ride.

Utilize the Power of Black Holes

With a concept first proposed in 1935 by Albert Einstein, scientists have found ways to make use of black holes to propel interstellar journeys. By using a strong gravitational pull created in orbit around the black hole, spacecraft could ride slower arched orbits to reduce the amount ship fuel needed to get up close enough to create their journey’s momentum.

Pick Up Some Wormhole navigation Tips

The wormhole has been lightly used in science fiction but only recently become a feasible technology research area for physicists. By tunneling through space via a loop, interstellar travel using space can become almost instantaneous. It is still reasonably theoretical technology, but the preliminary experiments prove that it is malleable.

Grab a Ride on a Dark Matter Comet

Most stars are created from interstellar gas and dusts by a gravitational pull over time. Researchers are starting to claim that, as black stars pass through the galaxy, they’ll pass through slowly orbiting dark matter cloud above stars.

Become an Interstellar Hitchhiker

If all these solutions sound best left for the super-genius and sci-fi myth makers, to travel throughout the universe there’s the old tried-and-true method: grab a hitchhike. Make a good friend with an alien or space-dwelling extra-terrestrial to soak along their travels. A simple handshake and a knock on your neighborhood door WON’T do. Think big about where you can connect.

The Great Beyond Awaits

That ends our top five picks for interstellar travel. Whether you’re an aspiring spaceman, sci-fi devotee or want to take your family for an extended space vacation give one of the above adventures a try! Remember, space is vast and the possibilities are endless.

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