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Join the 13th Kump Education Seminar now.

Join the 13th Kump Education Seminar now.

13th Annual Kump Education Seminar

The 13th Annual Kump Education Seminar is set to take place on April 26 at 4 p.m. The seminar started in 2011 under the leadership of Dr. Creasey and Ann Harris at Davis & Elkins College Teacher Education Program.

Since its inception, research and innovation in education have remained important to all participants. In 2011, the seminar’s organizers envisioned a college consortium for Randolph and neighboring counties, aimed at sharing resources and allowing students to take classes from different colleges at KEC. Although the consortium idea did not develop then, KEC could serve as a local adult education consortium after the pandemic.

Capstone Presentations

This year’s seminar will feature Capstone presentations from D&E Teacher Education students. Participants will highlight their research and innovation in teaching math and language arts.

Teaching Math

Madison Hart’s third-grade unit on fractions using a number line will help students understand that a fraction is a quantity formed by a part of a whole divided into equal parts. Anna Ruf will present her students’ units that emphasize real-world math connections. Zachary McGillan will show how his seventh-grade students made progress towards learning algebra by understanding equations, math expressions and inequalities.

Teaching Language Arts

Kylianne Philip’s presentation will discuss a week-long unit for first-grade students on spelling words with long vowel sounds using hands-on learning activities. A second language arts abstract will describe a unit in which Peyton Adams taught first graders to write sentences to help them comprehend sentence structure when they read. The presentations will help teachers and parents to learn more about learning.


The Kump Education Seminar remains an important avenue for research and innovation in education. This year’s presentations will be beneficial to teachers and parents looking to enhance their teaching skills.

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