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John Fielder's inspiring photography legacy at History Colorado.

John Fielder’s inspiring photography legacy at History Colorado.

Photographer John Fielder and His Approach to Life

Photographer and conservationist John Fielder has spent his life capturing the beauty of the Rocky Mountains through thousands of remarkable photographs. His deep connection with nature has shaped his perspective on life, and he is now using the lessons he has learned from nature’s timeless cycles to battle pancreatic cancer. Fielder believes that spending time in the great outdoors can change your perspective, and his work showcases the majesty of mountains, the whisper of winter, and the rebirth of spring.

In 2015, reporter Barry Petersen met Fielder in Rocky Mountain National Park for a report on CBS Sunday Morning, long before his cancer diagnosis. Fielder expressed his deep love for being in such places, calling it his “medicine.” He had already visited the park over 100 times, and each visit only deepened his appreciation for the natural world. Now, Fielder’s work is being showcased in an exhibit called “REVEALED: John Fielder’s Favorite Place” at the History Colorado Center in Denver. The exhibit highlights his ability to capture the magic of vulnerable spaces and moments.

Fielder’s passion for photography led him to quit his department store job 40 years ago and pursue a new career. His pictures and calendars have drawn thousands of people to the wilderness, but unfortunately, some of those visitors have caused damage to the places he photographed. However, Fielder believes that people can also play a crucial role in helping nature survive. He emphasizes the importance of developing an appreciation for nature’s sensuousness and the evolutionary process that has shaped it over billions of years.

Fielder’s current battle with cancer presents a greater challenge than any he has faced in nature. However, his approach to death is informed by his scientific and analytical mindset. He strives to live in the present moment, appreciating what he has been given today rather than dwelling on the past or future. Fielder hopes to inspire more people to become conservationists through his photographs and believes that they can also serve as a benchmark for documenting climate change.

Fielder’s ultimate goal is to make his photographs accessible to all. He plans to donate his collection of 7,000 negatives to History Colorado, allowing anyone to freely browse and download the images. He believes that owning his photos would be selfish and wants to share their beauty and inspire others to protect the natural world.

John Fielder’s deep connection with nature and his ability to capture its beauty through photography have shaped his approach to life. He sees the natural world as a source of solace and inspiration, but also recognizes the need for conservation efforts to protect it. Fielder’s work serves as a testament to the timeless beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the importance of appreciating and preserving the wonders of nature.


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