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Jamie Foxx discusses his latest project on NBC.

Jamie Foxx discusses his latest project on NBC.

Jamie Foxx speaks about Speak Up Initiative

In a recent interview with NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, actor Jamie Foxx covered various topics including his career and recent philanthropic efforts. One of the highlights of the interview was Foxx’s discussion about the Speak Up Initiative, a project aimed at empowering underrepresented voices in the entertainment industry.

Background on Jamie Foxx’s career

Jamie Foxx, a renowned actor, singer, and comedian, rose to prominence through his versatile performances in movies like “Ray” and “Django Unchained.” With his undeniable talent, Foxx has garnered critical acclaim and achieved numerous accolades throughout his career.

The Speak Up Initiative

During the interview, Foxx excitedly shared details about the Speak Up Initiative, which he is spearheading. The project aims to amplify the voices of individuals from marginalized communities within the entertainment industry. Foxx believes that there is a lack of representation for diverse voices in Hollywood and wants to bridge this gap.

According to Foxx, the Speak Up Initiative is not only about providing opportunities for underrepresented individuals. It also aims to create a space where everyone can bring their unique experiences, stories, and perspectives to the forefront. Foxx emphasized the need for greater diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry to accurately reflect the world we live in.

Providing platforms for emerging talent

As part of the Speak Up Initiative, Foxx plans to establish workshops, mentorship programs, and platforms for emerging talent. By nurturing and guiding aspiring artists, he hopes to empower them to tell their stories and contribute to the artistic landscape.

The initiative also involves partnering with industry professionals and organizations that share the same vision of representation and diversity. Foxx aims to bridge the gap between established industry players and talented individuals who haven’t had equal opportunities to showcase their skills.

Impact and future goals

Foxx is optimistic about the impact of the Speak Up Initiative and hopes that it will inspire positive change within the entertainment industry. He envisions a future where all stories are given equal importance, regardless of the background or ethnicity of the storytellers.

With the project still in its early stages, Foxx’s goals for the Speak Up Initiative are ambitious. He aims to achieve tangible results by creating a more inclusive, diverse, and representative entertainment sector.


Jamie Foxx’s interview sheds light on his passion for empowering underrepresented voices through the Speak Up Initiative. By utilizing his platform and influence, Foxx hopes to change the narrative in Hollywood and create a more inclusive industry that accurately depicts the world’s diversity.


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