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Is Buying Lifestyle Communities Limited (ASX:LIC) Sensible?

Is Buying Lifestyle Communities Limited (ASX:LIC) Sensible?

Lifestyle Communities Limited (ASX:LIC) – A Potential Bargain Opportunity?

Lifestyle Communities Limited, though not a large cap stock, has experienced significant share price growth in recent months on the ASX. While analysts have closely covered the stock, it is important to consider whether any changes in the company’s outlook have already been incorporated into the stock price. This article delves into Lifestyle Communities’ valuation and outlook to assess if there is still an opportunity to buy at a bargain.

Is Lifestyle Communities Still Undervalued?

Upon valuation, it appears that the stock is fairly valued at the moment. Its current trading price is approximately 2.51% above its intrinsic value, indicating a relatively reasonable price. Furthermore, if the true value of the company is A$16.51, the downside risk is minimal when the price falls to its real value. However, given the stock’s volatility (high beta), there is a possibility of further price decline in the future, potentially offering a better buying opportunity.

What Growth Can Lifestyle Communities Generate?

Lifestyle Communities holds promising growth potential, with earnings expected to increase by 47% in the coming years. This optimistic outlook suggests the company can generate robust cash flows, leading to a higher share value.

Implications for Shareholders and Potential Investors

For Shareholders: The stock currently appears to be trading around its fair value, considering the optimistic future growth already priced in. However, it is essential to evaluate any changes in the management team and other factors before making investment decisions.

For Potential Investors: Although the stock is trading around its fair value, the positive outlook indicates potential opportunity. Delving deeper into other factors, such as the strength of its balance sheet, will help seize the next price drop.


If you are interested in Lifestyle Communities, it is essential to also assess the risks the company faces. Identifying these risks will provide a holistic view of the investment. Alternatively, you can explore our list of 50 other stocks with high growth potential.


This article serves as general information and commentary, based on historical data and analyst forecasts. It does not constitute financial advice, and the analysis does not take into account individual objectives or financial situations. Additionally, the analysis may not include the latest price-sensitive company announcements or qualitative material. Simply Wall St holds no positions in the mentioned stocks.

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