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BC Plumbing: Making People Laugh While Fixing Pipes

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – BC Plumbing, a family-owned business, has been making waves in the plumbing industry since their establishment in January. However, their goal isn’t just to fix pipes; they also aim to bring laughter and joy to their clients’ lives.

A Journey Filled with Challenges

Despite being in business for less than a year, the Crotwell family behind BC Plumbing has faced numerous obstacles. Job losses caused by injuries resulted in reduced income for the family. However, instead of letting adversity break them, they decided to unite and turn their misfortunes into opportunities.

Using Humor to Promote Their Services

BC Plumbing has adopted a unique marketing strategy that involves incorporating humorous animal photos and dramatic images into their promotions. These attention-grabbing visuals often lead to witty lines that emphasize the outstanding quality of their services.

Bringing Something Different to the Table

“Who doesn’t want to advertise what a good job they did. But on the same note, people get tired of all the same old, same old. So we decided to bring something different to the table,” said Angel Crotwell, Advertiser at BC Plumbing.

Overcoming Health Challenges

Angel Crotwell, co-owner of BC Plumbing, previously owned a business but had to leave it due to a diagnosis of Tarlov Cysts Disease. Despite being told that she would be limited in her abilities, Angel refused to surrender to her condition. She now uses her creativity to create memes and make people laugh while managing the business alongside her mother.

A Husband-Wife Partnership

Byron Crotwell, the owner of BC Plumbing and a plumber with 20 years of experience, acknowledges the significant role his wife, Angel, plays in the success of the business. By managing the social media and webpage, Angel has been instrumental in attracting customers and creating a positive reputation for the company.

Memes and More

While memes have become a notable aspect of their business, BC Plumbing remains a serious plumbing service provider. In addition to the laughs, they offer a range of essential services, including bathtub repairs, commercial plumbing services, and drain repairs.


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