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Increasing college accessibility in Utah with collaboration

Increasing college accessibility in Utah with collaboration

University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College collaborate to expand access to higher education

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New Juniper Building at SLCC’s Herriman Campus

The University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College have opened a new building at SLCC’s Herriman Campus, marking a groundbreaking collaboration between the two institutions. The goal is to provide students with a seamless path to higher education.

One Roof for Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degrees

Students can now earn their associate’s degree at SLCC and seamlessly transfer their credits to the U., where they can pursue a bachelor’s degree. Both degrees can be earned under one roof.

Community Access and Engagement

SLCC President Deneece G. Huftalin believes that this new campus will make college more accessible to the local community, contributing to its growth and prosperity. The partnership with Herriman city has played a crucial role in advancing higher education in the area.

Projected Increase in Student Population

The new 88-acre campus is expected to serve over 2,000 students upon opening and is projected to accommodate around 7,000 students by 2025, according to SLCC.

Available Degree Programs

The Juniper Building offers associate’s degrees in various fields such as business, economics, education, psychology, general social and behavioral sciences, family and human studies, and computer science information systems. Upon completion, students can seamlessly transition to the U. to pursue bachelor’s degrees in the same fields.

Support and Resources

In addition to academic programs, the Juniper Building provides students with resources and amenities including admissions, financial aid, and advising. Additional buildings are planned to accommodate future growth at the Herriman Campus.

Positive Outlook on the Collaboration

The collaboration between the U. and SLCC aims to create a top-tier university that focuses on accessibility and inclusivity. U. President Taylor Randall believes that combining the best aspects of their educational models will attract students from all over.

Addressing Student Responsibilities

The Herriman Campus aims to make higher education more feasible for students who have multiple responsibilities such as work or childcare. Officials hope that by bringing education closer to their community, more students will have the opportunity to pursue higher education.

Community Support

Herriman Mayor Lorin Palmer emphasizes the community’s commitment to education and its excitement about the prospect of students receiving their entire formal education within the same community. The partnership between Herriman and SLCC/U. will serve the educational future of the community.

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