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IBM and Hugging Face unveil climate AI model.

IBM and Hugging Face unveil climate AI model.

IBM and Hugging Face Collaborate to Release Geospatial Foundation Model

IBM, in partnership with the open-source AI platform Hugging Face, has recently announced the launch of the geospatial foundation model. Developed using NASA’s satellite data, this AI model marks a significant advancement in climate science and Earth research. The primary objective of this partnership is to democratize access to AI technology and accelerate innovations in these critical areas.

Addressing the Challenge of Accessing Up-to-Date Climate Science Data

One of the challenges faced by climate scientists is accessing the latest data. IBM’s AI foundation model for geospatial data, developed under a Space Act Agreement with NASA, aims to tackle this concern.

Fostering Cooperation and Information Sharing

The availability of the geospatial foundation model on Hugging Face will encourage greater collaboration and information sharing within the AI community. This collaboration is expected to drive the development of impactful solutions for the planet.

Training and Advancements

The geospatial model underwent training using Harmonized Landsat Sentinel-2 satellite data (HLS) across the continental United States over a year. Remarkably, it has demonstrated 15% improvement over existing techniques while requiring only half the labeled data. This versatile model can be adapted for various tasks, including deforestation tracking, crop yield prediction, and greenhouse gas detection and monitoring. Furthermore, IBM and NASA, in collaboration with Clark University, are exploring applications such as time-series segmentation and similarity research.

IBM’s Broader Efforts and Future Plans

This geospatial model is part of IBM’s wider initiative to create and train AI models for diverse tasks by leveraging knowledge transfer between scenarios. In July, IBM introduced Watsonx, an AI and data platform empowering enterprises to scale and accelerate the impact of advanced AI through reliable data. A commercial version of the geospatial model, integrated into the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite (EIS), is set to be released later this year.

Promoting Scientific Progress and Addressing Environmental Challenges

In essence, the collaboration between IBM, Hugging Face, and NASA’s satellite data presents a promising opportunity to drive scientific progress and deepen our understanding of the planet’s climate. The open-source nature of the model empowers researchers worldwide to tackle pressing environmental challenges.


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