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Hurry! Hunter education deadline approaching rapidly.

Hurry! Hunter education deadline approaching rapidly.

The Reflector

In the midst of the first fall big game hunting season, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is reminding hunters about the upcoming deadline to complete mandatory hunter education courses.

The WDFW hunter education section manager, Dave Whipple, emphasized the importance of not delaying the completion of the hunter education course. He stated, “Our fall course offerings fill quickly with people trying to certify before their chosen hunting seasons.”

The WDFW provides both fully in-person and hybrid hunter education courses. The traditional classroom course, held over multiple evenings and including a field portion, is highly recommended for those seeking a valuable classroom experience. The hybrid course combines online learning with a field skills evaluation conducted by certified instructors.

Hunter Education Requirements

As per Washington state law, all hunters born after Jan. 1, 1972, must complete a hunter education course to be eligible to purchase a hunting license. However, hunters ages 10 and up have the option to participate in a hunter education deferral program, which allows them to try hunting under the supervision of an eligible licensed hunter before completing their own hunter education course.

Finding Hunter Education Courses

To learn more about hunter education and find an upcoming course near you, visit the WDFW hunter education website at ing/requirements/education/basic.


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