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adrenaline rush

How Adrenaline Makes You Feel Alive

Get ready to feel alive! The magical world of adrenaline

Adrenaline is the ultimate hormone that every human body needs. It’s a natural antidepressant that works as a catalyst to break the daily monotony and infusing a new sense of energy into our body. When it flows through our system, it lights up our body, awakens our senses, and makes us feel more alive— almost as if we’re Superheroes. Yes, you heard it right! Adrenaline is also known as your body’s superhero

What exactly is adrenaline, and where does the excitement come from?

So, what is adrenaline? Technically speaking, Adrenaline is a hormone that assists your body in preparing itself physically and mentally. It helps maintain adequate performance during times of stress, emergencies or exciting situations which includes, jumping out of an airplane, bungee jumping, zip-lining, mountain climbing or participating in other extreme sports. The fuel of adrenaline primarily comes from the reaction taking place in the adrenal glands, which efficiently injects and powders your body’s internal system with energy

The Feel-Good Chemical:

As the feeling of excitement, fear, and exhilaration takes over, your body releases adrenaline, which, in turn, leads to a spike in your heart rate, blood pressure and pulse rate, thus enhancing your senses even further. This chemical helps increase focused energy and fights off panic, inertia, and exhaustion. It is primarily responsible for the ‘Fight or Flight’ response that categorises physically and mentally discomforting stimuli lurking over the horizon, thus minimizing fights & flight times your anxieties while hunting for safety or escaping threats.

Is adrenaline beneficial or harmful for our body in the long run?:

If used incorrectly, the adrenaline hormone may do harm to our body; too much of anything creates unfavourable consequences, becoming  nasty & leading to severe psychological tension or adorning chronologic aliments. But, a balanced lifestyle with a combination of adventure and thrills produces an incredible booster therapy that helps us take a break from life’s stresses and recharge our batteries.

In Conclusion:

We should provide a fair chance of enabling/exhibiting our superheroes that reside inside us, and indulge in discovering uncertainty mixed with fear and excitement to get our body’s adrenaline pumping into overdrive. Adrenaline provides a state of pure bliss that is unmatched when everything around us is wild and chaotic. This amazing hormone helps us experience and deal with things emphatically with a different outlook.

In conclusion to attempt of summoning the superhero within, let us cast our fears jump into a free fall, experiment to overcome shortcomings, enjoy other magnificent and adventurous sports and feel the electrifying splash of the adrenaline surge,

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