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Homo Erectus to Modern Man: 10 Brand New Revelations About Human Evolution

Homo Erectus to Modern Man: 10 Brand New Revelations About Human Evolution

Homo Erectus to Modern Man: 10 Brand New Revelations About Human Evolution

The study of human evolution is constantly evolving, as scientists discover new fossils and conduct groundbreaking research. Here are 10 of the latest insights into the evolution of modern humans:

Mystery of Early Homo Erectus Resolved

Researchers analyzing fossils from Eastern Europe have discovered that Homo erectus was not the only hominin occupying the region during the middle Pleistocene era. The new species, called Homo adriaticus, coexisted with Homo erectus between 574,000 and 412,000 years ago, shedding light on the diversity of our early ancestors

The Small But Mighty Australopithecus

Australopithecus, the genus that lived nearly 4 million years ago, has long been seen as a “missing link” between chimpanzees and Homo erectus. Recent research, however, suggests that australopithecines were far more advanced than previously believed, with complex social structures and the ability to use tools.

New Details About Our Ancient Relatives

Researchers in South Africa have unearthed new specimens from a previously unknown genus of early human ancestor named “Homunculus patagonicus”. The fossils, which are over 700,000 years old, reveal that this ancestral species had a striking combination of ape-like and human-like anatomy, leading scientists to reevaluate their understanding of early evolution.

Meeting With Neanderthals Wasn’t So Bad After All

A recent study suggests that humans and Neanderthals were not only capable of interbreeding, but that the genetic material from our extinct cousins helped modern humans adapt to changes in environment and disease.

The Evolution of Walking

Researchers examining the footprints preserved in Tanzania have discovered evidence that ancient humans, including australopithecines, were walking upright 3.7 million years ago. This means that bipedalism extends further back in our evolutionary history than previously believed.

Beware of the Sabre-tooth Tigons

Scrutiny of fossils excavated from the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles has helped paint a clearer picture of the surprising diversity of ancient mammals that once roamed our planet, including some fierce predators that even outdid formidable lions and tigers in size and ferocity.

Evolution is Always Ongoing

Scientists have long assumed evolution ceased more than 10,000 years ago for some animals. But researchers are discovering that evolution never stops. New findings suggest that the Iceland gull has evolved annually while intermixing with other populations with slight behavioral changes that help to adapt them to their environment.

Modern Tools Reveal New History about Old Bones

Researchers have designed intricate models to simulate how specific anatomical functions changed as human skeletons evolved. The tool enabled scientists to digitally manipulate and study the joint interaction between early-human skeletons that lead to significant evolutionary differences against our known late ancestors.

Evolution’s Image: A Working Laboratory Now Visualized

Advancements in scanning such as microtomography a new method for producing high-resolution 3D models of delicate or damaged fossils allow evolution to come to whole new light. Ideas of predictive approach in vision allow for more economic-like understanding of why certain groups went by the wayside.

Modern Technology Provides an Upgrade in Paleoarcheology Methods and Research

Researchers now complement more traditional anatomical studies with genetics, molecular biology and phylogenetics data. Utilizing technology like CRISPR and gene sequencing, now we are able to observe a shared genetic environment and constructs regarding the use and modification of certain organs, behaviors or pieces of technology born by our paleoarcheological ancestors.

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