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Hilarious Parodies That Will Make You Cry Laughing

Hilarious Parodies That Will Leave You in Fits of Laughter

Funny parodies

The perfect recipe for a good time

Laughter is the perfect medicine, and it becomes even more effective when the laughter follows a dull and monotonous routine. To spice things up and give yourself some much deserved chuckles, there’s nothing better than a well-made parody! This kind of entertainment can take various forms – it can be in the form of a song, a sketch, or a meme, among others. Regardless of its shape, a good parody should stir up the emotions enough to make you burst out laughing.

Pokemon Go Parodies

Remember the craze and hype around Pokemon Go? You probably would have noticed the number of people walking around, heads buried in their smartphones to catch Pokemons. Memes and parodies played no small role in fueling this hype. If you are one of those who were hooked and laughed at parodied videos on the Internet about fail-catching a rare Pokemon, a spoof fly-by-night Poke-stop, or Poke-characters taking over the world, you know precisely what it feels like being a Pokemon master.

Zootopia Parody

“Try Everything,” the hitherto overpowering anthem from the Zootopia animated movie, still gets dizzying spins on the radio and streets for a reason – great energy, effortless flow, and emotional heft, synonymous with the hit maker that brings life into songs. However, a parody of the modern Disney classic, completely re-written as “A Metal Cover by Leo Moracchioli,” turns the music upside down. With crude sounds arranged with spurious grace and an accompanying music video that abstracts the satire, this Zootopia parody will make you go crazy while laughing fit to collapse!

The BatDad Parodies

Some pranks operate even at the macro level, debunking the dominant belief about what a productive and satisfying lifestyle should look like. BatDad, one hilarious parodist, garners around 7.25 million followers across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram caused an Internet buzz with his intense parenting skills. The critic-approved comedy figure laid claim to fame by dressing up merely as Batman, groaning voice and cowl in place, hovering over his children as a protective figure and acts out scenes conventionally marginalized as domesticated girly stuff – like mask-shopping with the Batgirls.

A viral mashup song

If your preference leans towards sounds, it’s hard to turn down A youtube mashup video and its extremely deranged and rib-tickling variations. Mixing popular songs with a hint of synthwave, the mashup video grabs vocals from all-time favorites like “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift, “Wrecking Ball” By Miley Cyrus, and “Papaoutai” by Stromae. The music producer accomplished a synonymic remix that slings Whales tonguing corn chips and Jean’s culinary suggestions as lyrics alongside synchronously catchy tones.


A well-orchestrated parody can lift flagging spirits, introduce you to a whole different sense of humor, expand the pleasure you derive from everyday situations, increase zest for life, and diffuse tension among people with differing opinions. Hopefully, after reading through a list of hilarious ones, you have had a bit of fun, enough to take on the next grave project that sat on your plate all weekend long. So go ahead, dive deep into the internet parody cosmos, and find some of your breed.

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