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Helpful advice for debut authors.

Helpful advice for debut authors.

Gail Oberst’s unorthodox approach to writing has proven successful, as demonstrated by the recent publication of her debut novel, “Valkyrie Dance,” now available on Amazon. Living in Independence, Oberst believes in the power of not stopping while writing, which sets her apart from many other writers. Rather than frequently stopping to review and edit what she has written, Oberst believes in continuing to write until she exhausts her thoughts. Although some writers prefer outlining their entire work before writing, Oberst often goes off-script. She acknowledges that editing is also an important aspect of writing; however, she tries to stifle her inclination to edit while working on a novel. Eventually, she must go back and organize her work, considering elements like story arc, structure, and readability. Oberst is not only a novelist but also a contract writer for various publications. Whether she is writing fiction or nonfiction, her process remains the same. She dedicates her mornings to writing, and if she doesn’t have any specific assignments, she writes until noon. Her approach has proven successful, as “Valkyrie Dance” recently had a book launch party, and her second novel, “Sans Souci,” is currently undergoing final edits, while a third novel is in the works. “Valkyrie Dance” is a female-driven psychological thriller based on a dark chapter from Oberst’s past. It tells the story of the author’s participation in a murder while working as a stripper in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1982. The plot is embellished with elements like serial murders, crime syndicates, and natural disasters. Oberst aims to explore the theme of responsibility through this work and hopes that readers can perceive her sense of accountability. The protagonist, Mayim Buchmiller, is loosely based on Oberst herself. Reviewers have praised “Valkyrie Dance” for being chilling and cleverly constructed, with relatable characters. Oberst has been a writer throughout her life, starting her career at 19 when she worked for her uncle’s newspaper and eventually began writing for him. Writing has always been a love and passion for Oberst, who has kept journals and diaries since childhood. Drawing from her seven generations of family history in Polk County, Oregon, Oberst has found a wealth of inspiration for her writing. She has written short stories about her ancestors and hopes to turn some of them into novels, such as a story about her relatives’ experience with a devastating disease in the 1800s. Despite the often dark subject matter, Oberst finds joy and fulfillment in being a writer. She describes her life as wonderful, as she gets to write for both money and enjoyment. “Valkyrie Dance,” published by OberstInk press, is available on Amazon, but the author recommends it only for adults.


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