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Harris County’s Adult Education Center Introduced – Fresh Start!

HCDE Celebrates Completion of New Adult Education Center

By SCN Staff

HOUSTON—The Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) celebrated the completion of their new Adult Education Center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Wednesday, July 19.

HCDE selected Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN) as the program manager for projects in its capital improvement plan in 2021. As program manager, LAN is managing the planning, design, and construction of these projects. The $36.1 million improvements included a new middle school and adult education facility.

“HCDE is a world-class organization, and it is important that our buildings reflect the standard and quality of our services,” said James Colbert Jr., Harris County Department of Education superintendent. “We are excited to see how these facilities positively impact students, staff and the community.”

The Adult Education Facility: A State-of-the-Art Campus

The approximately 51,000-square-foot Adult Education Facility, designed by cre8 Architects, will accommodate up to 1,200 students. It includes 17 classrooms, five laboratories, community/multi-purpose rooms, administration spaces, as well as a two-level parking garage and a surface parking lot. The $19.1 million facility will replace an aged group of buildings and provide a unified campus, resembling a community college.

The construction of this facility is a significant step for HCDE, enabling them to expand their course offerings and provide students with improved resources. It aims to enhance students’ language skills, support their completion of general educational development, and develop job competencies.

A New Middle School for Growing Student Population

The new Highpoint East Middle School, also designed by cre8 Architects, will replace an older facility that can no longer accommodate HCDE’s increased student population. Spanning approximately 28,000 square feet, the $8.2 million middle school will be able to accommodate 60 students for Grades 6-8.

This state-of-the-art middle school will offer six classrooms, two computer labs, a science lab, administration rooms, multipurpose rooms for dining, orientation, and training, teacher workroom and breakroom spaces, and a clinic. The new Highpoint East Middle School is scheduled for completion in August 2023, providing the students with upgraded and modernized facilities.

Creating an Ideal Learning Environment for Students and Educators

The design and construction of these new facilities take into account the unique needs of HCDE’s students and educators. The aim is to equip them with a learning environment and infrastructure that will meet their requirements for the next few decades.

The completion of the Adult Education Center and Highpoint East Middle School demonstrates HCDE’s commitment to providing quality educational facilities that match the standard of their services. These state-of-the-art campuses will support the educational journey and personal growth of their students, staff, and the surrounding community.


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