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From Fitbit to Garmin: Best Fitness Tracker brands evaluated

From Fitbit to Garmin: Best Fitness Tracker brands evaluated


Are you conscious about your personal health and wellbeing? Well, you are not alone! In modern times, people are more than ever caring about their physical health and emotional state, which is why a fitness tracker can help to monitor and maintain physical health, and track activity levels throughout the day. From step-tracking features to built-in heart-rate monitors, they come in an array of styles and functionality to suit every personal need. In this article, we will give you the lowdown on the best fitness tracker brands out there in the market.


Fitbit is, by far, one of the most condensed and comprehensive tracking tools out there in the market. This popular American company offers a wide range of products including wristbands, wearable, and things. Compatible with their app, Fitbit allows you to track all your health goals, including your daily activity and calorie burn count, heart beats per minute, cycle tracking, and even your sleep habits, making it an all-rounder for self-tracking marvel.


Known primarily for its sophistication, and its focus on some sporting features that many others miss, the Garmin brand exemplifies its multifactor coupled with the data-enhanced user experience. The brand has some fantastic features such as GPS tracking for hiking, biking, and running or squashing it out during a boxing round, and weather updates and, watch announcements of calories and so much more from using the tracker.

Xiaomi Mi Band

The Xiaomi Mi Band product range quickly gained success during the last few years, widely known for offering shockingly involved fitness tools for a shocking cost – hitting the perfect equity spot. The Mi Band is equipped with tools like step, sleep, and heart-rate tracking, and its swimmer’s strategy makes it compatible with water(connected waterproof tracking clocks is still scattered).

Samsung Galaxy fitness tracker

If you are an Android user, Samsung won’t be an unknown brand for you. Samsung brings one of the top-notch fitness tracking tools with Galaxy watches. Galaxy watches divided auto-track exercises between walking, running and biking, and supplies ten solo workout choices such as elliptical, biking, and yoga. Whether running ride sharing apps or clasping compatibility inbuilt mobile charge, Samsung place itself in the list of ‘Preferred health-savvy mortal devices’.

Final verdict

In conclusion, we believe the best way to decide on the right fitness tracking device, wherever it comes from on this list, or any other guide available is in participation, so find a tool you’re exhausted with, comfortable with, and one wth Personal endeavors. Whether you’re striving for track health and meet healthy trends or struggling to become a qualified athlete or works to crush impossible run objectives – it’s essential to get started with what works for you.

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