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From Caesar to Trump: A Political Journey Through History

Welcome to a voyage through the Political history of mankind! From Roman Emperor Julius Caesar to the controversial United States President Donald Trump, politics have been an intriguing aspect of society since time immemorial. This journey encompasses the significant political accomplishments and controversies that reshaped societies around the world.

Humbling beginnings

Every beginning has humble roots, and politics are no exception. The primitive societies run by the chief, king or the shamanate formed the foundation of politics, where one individual accumulated power and made decisions for the masses. The earliest recorded political systems were found in Ancient Egypt and Sumeria, but Greece and Rome experimented with democracy and republicanism, which transformed the political landscape. Greek philosophers, such as Plato and Aristotle, delved deep into ideology, shaping future political systems’ base. The Roman Republic and Empire created a powerful core value that would inspire political ideals for years to come.

Democratic Revolution

In 1776, the United States Declaration of Independence brought forth the dream of a democratic revolution in the wake of the Enlightenment era prevalent in Europe against the monarchical rule. This sparked a social movement that swept across the globe, resulting in the birth of democracies around the world. While the French Revolution’s progressive ideals were unsustainable, democratic ideals inspired the suffrage movement and the notion of universal voting that continues to flourish even in contemporary society.

A Tale of Oppression

While democracy’s freedom exuberated hope, the twentieth century was a lesson in people suffering totalitarian regimes globally like Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, China, and Afghanistan. The bleakness of totalitarian defense drove mass migration led by intellectuals and art exaggérateurs towards liberal democracies, and now only a handful of totalitarian regimes around the world persist.

The Presidential Revolution

During the Cold War era, politics in the United States underwent a shift towards a more aggressive presidency with the President having influences operational across borders, suppressing unpleasant repercussions on the international stage. Eventually, the totality of executive control led to Watergate Scandal, resulting in the ascendancy of an independent judiciary agency to prevent any attempt of fraud on Constitutional rights. In a fleeting scheme, the Republican party gave priority to hedge funds over the priorities of the citizens, paving the way for the unlikely Donald Trump entrancement.

The Technological Age

With the rise of the internet and social media, politics have expanded beyond conventional means of reach; lobbying, election campaigns are conducted digitally with voter manipulation concerns expressed on every side. Donald Trump emerged as the first Social media President in 2016, was the subject of Russia’s electoral interference central node. Technological breakthroughs like blockchain incorporate social decision-making free from bias, but a secure decentralized ledger alternative to voting also makes it conceivable.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, politics have undergone remarkable contrasts through history while blurring boundaries between what characterizes democracy or proletariat in their eras. Learning and emulating from failures is critical as it reshuffles the polarity towards the road of human principles. The wondrous design of People on Earth hasn’t been flawless; it grows, evolves with admiration for challenges faced, always pushing for a miraculous metamorphosis. As much as everything these days vies for attention, the political road’s bumpy topography must pave the path for a smoother journey of transparency and inclusiveness, among other significance steps, as we wade into creating new socio-economic methods.

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