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From Bows to Bullets: The Evolution of Military Technology.

From Bows to Bullets: The Evolution of Military Technology

The Beginning of War

Since the dawn of time, humans have fought for their survival. As society evolved, so did the way wars were fought. Starting with simple hand-to-hand combat, weaponry has come a long way, from swords to guns, cannons, bombs, and rockets.

Medieval Times

In medieval times, battles were fought using swords, spears, and shields. A lethal weapon of this era was the longbow, which could hit targets at a distance by up to 400 yards. Castles and walls also played a significant role in protecting armies, restricting enemy access and offering strategic vantage points.

The Arrival of Guns

Guns came on board in the early fifteenth century. Their explosive force proved far deadlier than bows as their bullets could pierce through metals with ease. As a result, they started phasing out hand-held weapons, and foot soldiers had to locate cover during battles to protect themselves.

The Industrial Revolution and Modern Warfare

The industrial revolution brought about technological advancement in weaponry, leading to transformation in the way wars were fought in the modern age. Early adopters of technological advancements always had the tactical advantage, and armies introduced new and more lethal combat artillery like nine-pounders and 24-pounder howitzers. With the arrival of the aerial army force, the use of planes in combat played a massive role in overpowering enemy ground forces.

What Comes Next?

Today, we see soldiers with more advanced skills than in the past, and they use high-tech gadgets, hi-resolution cameras, and the latest drone surveillance technology. Robots, designed to replace soldiers on ground combat, are in the testing stages, while state-of-the-art AI systems are actively deployed in increasing quantitates of military technology. Massive weapons like the so-called Massive Ordinance Air blast Bomb (MOAB) are developed to bring pure destruction, while missiles can reach a far more significant distance.


In conclusion, the sheer advancement of military technology is just mesmerizing. With insight from history and technology constantly progressing, we must keep ourselves prepared for whatever the future brings in warfare. Like many things, warfare continuously innovates, impacting technological development in aspects beyond military science. Looking back, humanity has been affected in more ways than one by technology to varying degrees, changing lives as generations come and go. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep those whose lives are at stake foremost in our thoughts, taking note of the ethical implications of our military innovation, and work to always do our best to responsibly harness this power anytime war is declared.

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