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Free Alzheimer’s education session hosted by Okemos in-home health service.

Alzheimer’s Education Session Helps Families Build Strategies

OKEMOS, Mich. (WILX) – An in-home health service based out of Okemos hosted a family Alzheimer’s education session on Thursday.

The session, organized by Home Instead, aimed to assist families in developing effective strategies to support their loved ones dealing with the disease. Attendees had the opportunity to learn important skills including identifying the signs of Alzheimer’s, managing difficult behaviors, and exploring activities that can stimulate and engage the minds of individuals with Alzheimer’s.

Engaging in mental exercises was highlighted as a crucial aspect by Home Instead. Wynn Esterline, a representative from the organization, emphasized the importance of keeping the brain active. He stated, “It’s the cliche: ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it.’ So physically also being active but also keeping our brain active. We talk about ways to keep our loved ones engaged in our day-to-day activities, offering a variety of techniques to help with that.”

Upcoming Education Session

While the exact date of the next education session has not been scheduled, it is expected to take place in October. If interested, individuals can find more information about Home Instead and their programs on the official website.

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Alzheimer’s education sessions organized by Home Instead offer families valuable strategies to support their loved ones facing the disease. By developing tools to identify signs of Alzheimer’s, manage challenging behaviors, and engage individuals with Alzheimer’s in stimulating activities, families can improve their quality of life and promote cognitive health. Stay informed about upcoming sessions and events by visiting Home Instead’s official website.


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