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Festival-goers explore ancestry at Santa Lucia Celebration.

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Joe Caniglia Celebrates 92 Years with Santa Lucia Festival

Joe Caniglia, a vibrant 92-year-old, has a unique connection to the Santa Lucia Festival. Born during the festivities, Caniglia reminisces, “When I was growing up I thought it was a big birthday party until I got old enough to realize it wasn’t.”

Family: The Common Thread

The Santa Lucia Festival, though not a birthday celebration, holds a special place in Caniglia’s heart because of its emphasis on family. “The whole neighborhood came from Carlentini,” he proudly states. “And we’re all probably interrelated in some way or another.”

Exploring Heritage through Genealogy

On Saturday, genealogists guided Caniglia through historical records, photos, and his family tree. The experience brought forth both familiar knowledge and remarkable discoveries. Caniglia shares, “I learned a lot that I knew. It just refreshed me.”

For others, this was an opportunity to delve into their personal history for the very first time. Genealogist Nicholas Cimino finds joy in witnessing these journeys unfold. He describes it as “igniting a little candle that hopefully starts to grow into a huge bonfire of passion in their family history.”

The Importance of Knowing One’s Roots

Caniglia emphasizes the significance of understanding one’s origins. “You want to know where you came from,” he asserts. “You want to know your history. I think it’s important to stay close.”

Preserving History and Sharing Knowledge

In addition to his own discoveries, Caniglia generously imparts history lessons to others during the event.


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