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Cuban Customs exchange global insights in international forum.

Cuban Customs exchange global insights in international forum.

Brussels Forum: Cuban Customs Share Experiences of Female Training and Empowerment

At a recent forum organized by the World Customs Organization (WCO) in Brussels, the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba (AGR) took the opportunity to present and discuss their successful initiatives in female training and empowerment. The head of the Cuban institution, Nelson Cordoves, highlighted the importance of sharing these experiences and inspiring others to promote gender equality within customs administrations worldwide.

Empowering Women: A Priority for Cuban Customs

Under the leadership of Nelson Cordoves, AGR has placed a significant focus on empowering women within the customs sector. Recognizing the valuable contributions women can make in this field, the institution has implemented various training programs and initiatives to support their professional growth.

Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Change

During the WCO forum, AGR representatives shared their experiences and success stories, providing valuable insights into the strategies and practices that have worked for them. By exchanging this knowledge, they aimed to inspire and encourage other customs administrations to prioritize gender equality and invest in the empowerment of women.

Training Programs: Unlocking the Potential of Female Customs Officers

One of the key areas of focus for AGR has been the implementation of training programs specifically designed for female customs officers. These programs aim to provide women with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in their roles and rise through the ranks within the institution.

Breaking Barriers and Challenging Gender Stereotypes

Cuban customs authorities have also worked tirelessly to challenge gender stereotypes within the sector. By promoting a supportive and inclusive work environment, they have encouraged women to pursue non-traditional roles and break through barriers that have traditionally hindered their progress. As a result, more women are now taking on leadership positions within the AGR, setting an inspiring example for future generations.

A Global Call for Gender Equality in Customs Administration

The experiences shared by AGR at the WCO forum underscore the importance of promoting gender equality within customs administrations worldwide. They serve as a powerful reminder that empowering women and providing equal opportunities can lead to more efficient and effective customs operations, benefiting both the institutions and the societies they serve.

A Vision for the Future

As AGR continues to prioritize the training and empowerment of women, they envision a future where gender equality is the norm within customs administrations across the globe. By sharing their experiences and strategies, they hope to inspire others to join the cause and collectively work towards a more inclusive and diverse customs sector.


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