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Could this be history's worst uniform change?

Could this be history’s worst uniform change?


Insane Uniform Alteration: The Worst in Human History

Of course this is still a Notre Dame website, but I run this well-oiled machine and have made the editorial choice to quickly drag my old high school through the mud for the most insane uniform alteration I have ever seen.

Uniforms and Helmets of the Hicksville Aces

For years I have boasted that not only do the Hicksville Aces have the best uniform and helmet (especially the helmet) in the state of Ohio, but also the country — hell maybe even the Solar System. Red, Black, and White with multiple combinations — and the helmet decal has the four aces fanned out. GORGEOUS is what most people would say.

2016 versions

While the uniforms can certainly be updated every 5-7 years — the helmet shouldn’t be touched.

Strange Changes to the Uniforms and Helmets

Introduction of a Strange “H” Logo

You can imagine my reaction over the summer when I was handed a hat for Little League All-Stars with a strange “H” on the front. My initial reaction was, “wtf is this?” and it haunted me for days.

At best it looks like an Under Armour knock off — at worst it looks like a logo from the 2001 version of the XFL.

The Revelation: Stolen Logo from the XFL Hitmen

There it is — THERE IT FRIGGIN IS. We just stole a logo from a 2001 XFL team, the New York – New Jersey Hitmen.

Shock and Disgust

Replacing the Helmet Logo

As disgusted as I was with this “new” H on our hats, it wasn’t until I asked what was wrong with our normal H that the earth started spinning wildly out of control.

A beautiful and normal H

Horror: The XFL “H” on the Helmet

The Hicksville Hitmen

I almost died.

It’s awful, and I’m beyond appalled at these monstrosities and there is no reason in this universe that anyone can give me that will justify this change. It just goes to show you with all of these alternate uniforms that colleges drop each year — it’s not always better (or even remotely good). High schools can do their own version of awful, and Hicksville High School just did that.

The Conclusion

The thing is though… I’ll still be at every game this season, and will back them with everything I have (including a customized cow bell and the loudest voice in town).

It’s just a shame. Go Aces!

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