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City leaders reassure business owners about purple parking zones.

City leaders reassure business owners about purple parking zones.

Concerns Over Purple Parking Zones in Pittsburgh

Leaders addressed business owners’ concerns surrounding the purple parking zones popping up across Pittsburgh.

Business Owners Speak Out

On Monday, KDKA-TV talked to a business owner in Squirrel Hill about the new purple curbs. On Tuesday, KDKA-TV took the concerns of citizens and business owners to city leaders.

Confusion for Coin Shop Owner

Eddie Lowy, the owner of Banner Coin Exchange, was surprised to see the curb out front of his shop turn purple. Lowy expressed his confusion, stating, “I said what are you doing and they said it’s an experimental program, we’re gonna start charging all the delivery services by the minute.”

Lowy believes this program is unnecessary and will hurt downtown businesses that are already struggling.

The City’s Response

KDKA-TV took Lowy’s concerns to the city, which explained that the purple zones are intended to save money for drivers of delivery services like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash, who would otherwise have to pay to park at a meter. Maria Montaño, press secretary for the mayor, stated that it costs 0.067 cents per minute to park in these zones, amounting to $12 for an hour.

The city plans to test this program until 2024. A camera located by the purple zone snaps a picture of the license plate and sends the bill to the car’s registration holder.

Improved Safety and Convenience

Maria Montaño highlighted that the program has already reduced double parking in business districts by up to 40 percent. Arepittas, a restaurant on Cherry Way, believes the purple zone in front of their business will not negatively impact their lunch rush and find it convenient for their own deliveries.

Financial Support and Benefits for Delivery Drivers

The program is supported by a $100,000 grant that covers the technology and testing. Delivery drivers are encouraged to sign up and use the app associated with the program to enjoy discounted rates.

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