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Cincinnati events boost bar owners' business.

Cincinnati events boost bar owners’ business.

CINCINNATI — Summer is an exciting time all across the state, but it’s tough to beat the atmosphere in Cincinnati right now, especially for sports fans. FC Cincinnati has the best record in Major League Soccer, and the Reds team that had few expectations at the beginning of the year is in first place in the NL Central.

What You Need To Know

  • Bars in downtown Cincinnati are gaining some extra business this summer because of events and sporting events
  • Both the Reds team and FC Cincinnati are both on a winning streak
  • And the Taylor Swift concerts next week are expected to bring more crowds to the area
  • Bar owners expect to be even busier with all the events

Business has been busy here at Holy Grail on The Bank, and much of it is thanks to the surprising success that the Reds are having this year.

“For us, you know our Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are back to 2012 levels, which honestly is the last time we’ve actually had the playoffs here for the Reds,” said Jim Moehring, Holy Grail owner.

Moehring said it’s business he didn’t expect to be getting this summer. Not after many Reds fans were questioning the moves the team made in the off-season. But as they say, that’s why they play the games.

“This Reds team with Elly De La Cruz and Matt McLain and Andrew Abbott, all the young players that we’ve been missing over the last four or five years have been,” he said. “It’s absolutely amazing.”

But it’s not just the Reds that are bringing in crowds to Cincinnati. FC Cincinnati holds the best record in Major League Soccer.

“FC Cincinnati has just been phenomenal for our business, even though we’re not as close to the other ballparks as we are to, if you will, we still get to see a really good crowd down here,” he said.

And the area is expected to be even busier when tens of thousands of fans converge on downtown for a pair of Taylor Swift concerts next week.

“We’ve been busy and it’s been great. It’s been awesome,” he said. “It’s great for our staff. After a couple of years of turbulence, they have some really sustained great sales. And, you know, hopefully it goes through February of this year with the Bengals.”


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