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Business leader offers solutions for worst-ranked states.

Business leader offers solutions for worst-ranked states.

Diversity and Challenges in Indiana: Addressing the Issues

Indiana recently found itself among the bottom 10 worst states to live and work according to a CNBC ranking. Dr. Toby Malichi, founder of Malichi Group Worldwide, shares his insights and possible solutions to the issues raised in the rankings.

The Need for Addressing Challenges

Dr. Malichi, a long-time resident of Indiana, has professionally advised six consecutive White House Administrations on trade agreements that foster the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. He brings his expertise to shed light on the challenges faced by the state.

One particular issue that caught Malichi’s attention is the lack of protective laws and discrimination. He believes this is a significant challenge that needs to be addressed for the future of Indiana.

The state’s ability to attract diverse talent is hindered by these realities. Malichi stresses the importance of diversity in creating a welcoming environment that can attract talent to the state.

The Role of Business Owners

Malichi emphasizes that the issues highlighted in the rankings are linked to decisions made by business owners. He shares his conversations with black entrepreneurs who have moved their businesses out of Indiana due to the lack of diversity in decision-making roles.

According to Malichi, the state needs to move away from relying on the same old people and adopt fresh perspectives. He acknowledges that efforts are being made, but significant changes need to occur.

Working Towards a Solution

Looking ahead, Malichi aims to be part of the solution by urging those in positions of power to shift their mindset and actively contribute to creating a more diverse and inclusive state for people of all backgrounds.

While he acknowledges his love for the state and his willingness to support and uplift Indiana, Malichi reiterates the need to address the challenges at hand. He believes in the importance of involving a broader range of voices instead of relying on outdated and narrow perspectives.


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