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Bizarre Personal Customs Around the Globe

The World’s Weirdest Customs: An Insightful Collection of Bizarre Personal Rituals!

If you thought humans were a predictable species, think again. Around the world, people have strange ways of going about their day-to-day routines.

The Quirky Side of Life

Have you ever heard of people swearing by burping or respecting their plush toys more than others? Yup, it does sound strange, doesn’t it?

Japan’s Crazy Taxi Door Behavior

In Japan, many people love to take advantage of taxis, especially on business trips. And once they’re inside, they show no hesitation when Weird and not an apparent inclination could possibly make the cabbies imitate. It’s part of the experience to dutifully and officially protect taxis by opening and closing the door using a neat circular motion – “the Japanese door whack method”.

The Spanish Tomato Battle

In Bunol, Spain people conglomerate every year to commemorate La Tomatina – an incomparable messy and strictly fascinating annual tomato throw. They select a grand “Battlefield ” in the midst of the town, and one by one let spontaneous features unfold. Everybody indulges in the kerfuffle only until the signal to stop is announced after an hour-long fun ride.

Thai Birthday Rice-Bowl Tossing

A simple visit to a temple in Bangkok for an outsider might be initially the basis of nostalgia on festival days. Because that might likely be when you witness curious happenings like huge rice utensils lovingly clapped together for people walking by prosperously counting coins to fall into the receptacle and standing continuously to give a clearer shot fair and square. Restlessly packed moving cum “slot” feast a congregational activity for thai inhabitants.

Chilli Eating Competition In India

A childhood quickie event escalates gradually into a celebrated annual contest known as the “BhutJolokia and Raja Mirchi Utsav”. Here in Tezpur town, it’s arranged to gorge CHILLIES by the handful. You might think bhut jolokia on its own is overeager in advance. But these hunger-flushed visitors and “greedy bears” defy common sense as well as the nervous guy peeking from afar waiting for desperate next actions.

Mali’s Hippopotamus Tooth Extraction Ceremony

Deeply-rooted beliefs about life and death thrive in every culture in the world, and you’re always sure to find such beliefs manifest themselves into some odd tradition or another. For years now, the Senufo tribe in Mali have removed teeth from young hippopotamus’ snouts. And this act probably heals them, beats anxiety, restores balance, and erects human dental hardships in the face of day-to-day averageness.

The Bottom Line

Around the world, culture and society heavily influence how people go about their daily routines. But sometimes, personal choices make things even more intriguing.

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