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Beauty queen, NASA expert flaunts science project.

Pageant Queen and NASA Specialist, Camille Schrier, Demonstrates Science Experiment

Camille Schrier, who was crowned Miss America 2023, is no ordinary beauty queen. She is also a scientist who works for NASA, and she recently demonstrated one of her experiments at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

The Experiment

Schrier’s experiment involved creating a colorful and explosive reaction using hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide. When the two solutions are mixed together, they create a large amount of oxygen gas, which causes the foamy reaction.

Schrier’s experiment is not only visually exciting, but it also teaches an important lesson about the role of oxygen in our bodies. Oxygen is essential for life, and it helps our cells produce energy.

Breaking Stereotypes

Schrier’s background as a pageant queen and a scientist may seem contradictory, but she sees it as an opportunity to break stereotypes and inspire young girls to pursue their interests in science.

During her demonstration, Schrier wore her Miss America crown and sash while also donning a lab coat and goggles. She hopes that her unique combination of interests will encourage others to embrace their passions, even if they may seem unconventional.

Fighting Against Opioid Addiction

Schrier’s reign as Miss America is dedicated to spreading awareness and fighting against opioid addiction, which is a cause near to her heart. As a pharmacy student, Schrier has seen firsthand the devastating impact that opioid addiction can have on individuals and their families.

By using her platform as Miss America and her expertise as a scientist, Schrier hopes to educate others about the dangers of opioid addiction and encourage them to seek help.


Camille Schrier’s experiment is a perfect example of how science can be both entertaining and educational. Her unique background and dedication to fighting against opioid addiction have made her an inspiring figure for young girls and aspiring scientists everywhere.


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