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Bark is Better Than Bite: 10 Reasons Dogs Are Good For Your Health

Bark is Better Than Bite: 10 Reasons Dogs Are Good For Your Health

Dogs are man’s best friend, and not just for companionship. Studies have shown that having a furry friend can lead to several health benefits. Whether you visit a pet store or a shelter, a pup can be a happy addition to your household. Here’s why:

Reduced Stress Levels

Dogs might just be the best stress-relieving remedy out there. Their mere presence can create a calming effect on humans. A playful dog can promote dopamine and serotonin levels, counteracting anxiety-related hormones consequently relieving stress.

Physical Fitness

Dogs aren’t just unhygienic and high-maintenance pets that require constant walking. In fact, they are the ideal accessory for pet owners that aspire to lead a healthy lifestyle. Walking with your furry friends is a great exercise that can improve your health, burn calories, and provide fresh air in your lungs.

Better Sleep

Anyone who has cuddled up with their furry friend at night knows how much it can impact your sleep quality. What’s more? Research has shown that people who slept with their dogs ultimately benefited from a better sleep quality than those who don’t get doggie passes for snuggling in their bedrooms.

Mood Booster

Do you know that feeling, walking through the door after a hectic day, and your dog greets you with tons of giggles? That’s improving your mood right there. Your good ole’ pooch naturally promotes those earlier mentioned essential hormones to boost feel-good feelings – leading to reduced loneliness and depressive symptoms.

Decreased Healthcare Costs

Studies have found that, among a group of Medicare recipients, dog owners had fewer relaxing times, leading to fewer visits to physicians compare to non-dog owners.

Increased Extraversion Levels

Interacting with dogs generates an instant connection among strangers, resulting in enhanced social circles and boosted extraversion levels. This relationship-boosting effect (especially relevant during COVID-19) can lead to meaningful interactions with others.

Sense of Responsibility

Taking care of a pet is nothing but a constant exercise in responsibility; it requires all of having days where the pooch isn’t very well to ensure plenty of interaction and affection dedication consistently. This natural act of looking after a furry friend ambiences a sense of responsibility in kids and adults alike.

Maintaining Blood Pressure Levels

Numerous studies have confirmed that spending time with your pet pup can significantly reduce blood pressure levels. Reduced blood pressure decreases the risk of cardiac-related diseases like strokes, heart attacks, and other akin chronic diseases.

Improved Immune System

Delving deeper into the research notes, scientists noted that merely cuddling and petting dogs stimulates the immune system to produce more antibodies react defensefully against infection. Hence why pups used in canine-assisted therapy are more effective in wellness clinics’ pediatrics floors.

Love and affection

Finally, we couldn’t end introducing dogs’ health benefits without giving them credit for some emotional love and affection. Your wonderful pooch makes life worth living amidst your possible struggles and can act just as that wholesome missing puzzle piece that makes every day a good ole’ day.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend. It’s said that one bark from a pup is worth the thousand words, and there couldn’t be truer words wiser trust! Why don’t you visit a local dog shelter or a pet store this instant?’ Who knows, you may return home with an ideal furry friend to boost your life’s health and love quotient right now.

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