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Arkansas' LISA Academy extends collaboration with edtech leader.

Arkansas’ LISA Academy extends collaboration with edtech leader.

Arkansas’ LISA Academy Renews Partnership with Global Edtech Leader Supporting Student Success

Little Rock, AR – Arkansas-based LISA Academy, a premier K-12 charter school, has recently renewed its partnership with Discovery Education, a leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms. This strategic collaboration aims to support student success by harnessing the power of technology and innovative teaching practices.

Enhancing Classroom Experiences with Digital Resources

A key aspect of the renewed partnership is the continued access to Discovery Education’s vast portfolio of digital resources. These resources, carefully curated and aligned with Arkansas’ state standards, offer students and teachers engaging and interactive learning experiences. The online library includes videos, virtual labs, games, and lesson plans that enhance classroom instruction across diverse subjects and grade levels, from science and math to social studies and language arts.

Teachers at LISA Academy are able to seamlessly integrate these digital resources into their lesson plans, creating a more immersive and personalized learning environment for their students. This integration not only supports mastery of content but also equips students with critical 21st-century skills, such as collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Professional Development Opportunities for Educators

Another significant aspect of this partnership is the access to high-quality professional development opportunities for LISA Academy educators. Through Discovery Education’s unique blend of online and onsite training, teachers can explore best practices for integrating technology into their instruction and maximize student engagement. The professional development programs focus on utilizing Discovery Education’s digital resources effectively, promoting inquiry-based learning, and improving data-driven instruction.

By tapping into these professional development opportunities, educators at LISA Academy gain valuable knowledge and skills that enable them to create dynamic and interactive learning experiences. This empowers them to address the individual needs of their students and foster a love for learning.

Advancing Equity and Inclusion in Education

The renewal of the partnership between LISA Academy and Discovery Education is also aligned with their shared commitment to advancing equity and inclusion in education. Both organizations believe in removing barriers and providing equal opportunities for students, regardless of their background or ability. By leveraging technology and digital resources, students at LISA Academy can access high-quality learning materials, regardless of their geographical location or socioeconomic status.

Moreover, Discovery Education’s resources are accessible to students with diverse learning needs. The platform offers features such as closed captioning, translation tools, and text-to-speech functionality to support students with disabilities or language barriers. This inclusive approach ensures that all learners at LISA Academy can thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Achieving Student Success through Partnership

LISA Academy’s renewed partnership with Discovery Education is a testament to their shared vision of leveraging technology and innovation to support student success. By providing educators and students with access to high-quality digital resources, as well as professional development opportunities, this collaboration empowers LISA Academy to deliver an education that prepares students for a rapidly changing world.

Through their continued collaboration, LISA Academy and Discovery Education are actively shaping the future of education, equipping students with the tools they need to become lifelong learners and future leaders.


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