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Adam Gregg visits Sioux City’s Fire Science Program.

Sioux City Career Academy’s Fire Science Program Gets a Visit from Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg

Students enrolled in the Sioux City Career Academy’s Fire Science program had the privilege of hosting Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg on Thursday. The purpose of the visit was to witness and evaluate how much the students have learned in the program.

The Fire Science program is designed to provide students with hands-on experience and practical exposure to real-life situations. The classes cover various aspects of fire protection, essential firefighting skills, and emergency medical response.

During his visit, Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg observed the students performing different drills and gained insight into the program’s structure. He expressed his interest in the program, which he found out about from social media, and commended the students for their commitment to serving the public.

“It certainly didn’t disappoint. It met all my expectations and more. These are really outstanding individuals who want to serve others, they have an ethic of public service and the Sioux City Career Academy, and this Fire Science program is giving them an outlet to do that,” said Lt. Governor Adam Gregg.

The Fire Science Program Offers Career Opportunities and Builds Relationships with Local Fire Officials

The Fire Science program provides more than just academic knowledge, as it also connects students with local fire officials to build relationships and open more career opportunities. Students can see how the theoretical principles they are learning can be applied in real-life scenarios.

Jason Ortiz, a senior at South Sioux City High School, shared how the program has benefited him, stating that once he graduates high school, he will be able to become a full EMT with the South Sioux City Fire Department. “I was planning on graduating early but this really changed my mind and now I’m getting a career out of it,” he said.

Fire Science Program Continues to Grow in Popularity

Over the past two semesters, the Fire Science program has seen a surge in enrollment numbers, with more than 120 students signing up. The program is proving to be hugely popular amongst students who are interested in making firefighting and emergency response their profession.


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