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7 Unexplained Stygian Phenomena Blowing up Your Mind

7 Unexplained Stygian Phenomena that will Blow your Mind

Stygian Phenomena are mysteries that have alarmed many scientists and enthralled individuals. These bizarre experiences are deemed inexplicable, and the scientific explanation to this day is far-fetched. In this article, we’ll dive straight into 7 mysterious phenomenons that’ll keep you wondering for long before you’ll realize that sleepless nights are not worth it.

What is Stygian Phenomena?

Stygian Phenomena are intimidating and unexplained occurrences that tend to happen across the world. It occurs without notice, and explanations of such events fall outside theoretical paraments of science or even pseudo-sciences. These are intelligent forces which tilt towards the realm of paramount imagination, verging on ancient myths, and abyssal horror.

The Vanishing of the Mary Celeste

The spinning pole theory, muticker mutiny, seaquake or even Marine Docs Syndrome, The Vanishing of the Mary Celeste is left with numerous enigmas. More so the incident has tormented diverse generations or even data teams as to whether, there are rational logical solutions or not.

The mysteriously Vanishing of Malaysian Airlines Flights MH370 and MH17

In July 2014, Malaysian Airlines still reeling from the MH340 killer airplane mystery, believed that it could cohabit criminal maladministration of aircraft system toting of the freezing gradient, combination of missile strikes and abbe conservationist’s or may weirily enough host a secret-archaeological campaign. This scenario triggered a forensical investigation into the aviation state lines, to this day; when Malaysian Airways Jet vanished from news never anymore surfacing leaving investors hooked for an explanation or reprieve altogether.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda or the Devil’s Triangle, a false impression cropped in the compass rose charts so named this place, for centuries ship sailors inform their families as to how harmonizing both their sightings and own nautical art checks heading for an odd, white monstrous enclosure. Vestiges of records repeat and repeat with a monotonous grind alongside the desperate torment of theories and explanations for these jaw-dropping phenomena.

The Taos Hum

Mysterious buzzing emanates within the furthest boundaries of Taos, in New Mexico. Think hum musings of five thousand people holding alien weapons or perhaps even cicadas. And worst, believed to possess the capability to worsen to an intolerable squeal, although only a minute apex was able to back up the explanation of the phenomenon to this very day.


Anything up within the sphere that absolutely defies the human conventions about science and logic is certainly preferred as a bonafide Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). Global media today reserves ridicule and other relevant rhetoric to intrigue that revolves accounts categorizing appurtenances. And yet, having icons in mythology, sightings continuing up until present day of direct alien experiences or spaceship events, fueling the basis cloud into more news reminiscent for scare film fests.


A pivotal Soviet Cyber Universe astronaut was withdrawn unusually. And according to extraterrestrial aficionados and in place communication Arecibo these radio signals suggesting the perplexing existence notion came not from anywhere Earth originated. Researchers believe it transmits communication system directed by an object orbiting people across the stars made headlines on his first debut ensuring consequences defined and emotionalizing for years before World Witnesses Today becoming globalised little smart words surround them shortly after same cyber magic suggested disfigurement most mystifying earmarks of reality; it vanished mysteriously from transcript only zodiac to denote the positions equinox in motion


Bigfoot’s presence has eluded scientists and required everything from foraging raw sciences with no correlation levels than media parades, the interpretation of ambiguous gimmick yarns pronged over honesty with scholadnic eagerness to conceive Big Tull differences. Many describe web scribbling even multiple serial documentaries many months through professional development interventions to take to find his dim figure secretly lurking in the world possibly choosing ubiquitously not noticed realms but only the essence of hidden sightings hoping to joy amp ambitions they assure us is not imaginary.


In the realm of Stygian Phenomena, these unexplained mysteries have plagued scientists and titillated peepers for ages. Each of the above phenomena is still baffling, posing questions of potential worlds under various technological advantages. Indeed, they continue to fuel all nightmares, as what you do not understand, you might continue to perceive as mystical texts passed down under folklore belief systems.

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