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7 Growth Hacking Strategies for Explosive Business Growth

Creating Viral Content

Creating viral content is one of the top growth hacking strategies for businesses that want to achieve explosive growth. It is said that if a piece of content goes viral, the brand’s reach can increase drastically. To create content that goes viral, you need to use different tools and create something unique and shareable. Whether it’s video, infographic or blog article, your content needs to provide value to your audience in a digestible format.

Referral and Incentives

Referral marketing is another powerful growth hacking technique for organizations looking to achieve massive growth. Businesses can offer incentives to past customers, encouraging them to refer new customers to your products or services. People love to share positive experiences, so you should make your referral links and incentives as simple and tempting as possible.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are not only communication channels but also huge marketplaces for companies to reach potential customers. While selecting the right channels that resonate with your target audience is key, businesses should engage with followers by post consistently relevant and useful information that relates to their interests or problems. Not every post on social media has the same potential, and to optimize the number of clicks and favorable engagements your business receives, improvements need to be made continually.

A/B Testing & Analytics

A/B testing is important in finding out what works best for your customers or reading through analytics. Good businesses keep track of numbers such as conversion rates, click-throughs, bounce rates and time spent by users on their site. The results of these figures can guide experimentation into strategies that have high chances of giving high results. It is through data that companies can figure out what works and eliminate what doesn’t, bringing improvement of the KPI metrics and valuable insights.

Product Optimization

Product optimization focuses on refining your product to meet more refined customer preferences continually. Developing a product can take a long time, so polishing it regularly significant. By figuring out what customers want and researching how competitors are handling customer needs, product refinement is much easier to manage.

Automation & Personalization

Automation improves efficiency and productivity of tasks, thus increasing quality and time available at lesser cost. Automation enhances experience for lead generation, email marketing, onboarding sales process and all repetitive tasks of a growing business. The internet provides ample software tools and subscription-crates for automation of marketing function to tap either established audiences, segmented audience by demographics, behavioral or psychographic data.

Alternative Distribution channels

Bypassing traditional advertising and promotion channels can be beneficial in maximizing reach and exposure for your brand. Instead of the customary retail store promotion Channel Masters options such as opting-in on Shopify app installation, focusing on conferences live exhibition via virtual summits, it rewards innovation what are good platform options for alternative promotion of a brand. Staying relevant in a changing world requires innovative thinking to establish mastery over conventional odds. Alternative Distribution channels may be overlooked even though it may be useful because it communicates your brand in a different exciting light.


Explosive business growth is not something that is simple, but a set of functions, executed synergistically which yield results in phases over time. Obviously, no single strategy works for every organization, so learning at every turn and experimenting accordingly seems to be the hallmark for successful businesses. With continuous improvement, focusing on customers’ needs and using innovation during product refinement allows businesses to keep improving their services, and prevent mistakes of targeting the wrong audience by combining each of these 7 growth hacking strategies.

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