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5 Signs That Your House is Haunted

5 Signs That Your House is Haunted

5 Signs That Your House is Haunted


Halloween is the time of the year when spooky stories and ghosts come to life. But, what if these scary stories don’t just exist for imagination but for reality? If you want to know whether your house is haunted or not, here are the top 5 signs that can confirm it.

1. Strange Noises

If you can hear unexplainable footsteps from upstairs, loud thumps, strange whispers or voices that sound like they’re coming from another room, then these strange sounds are perhaps an indication that your home could be haunted. Apart from the weird usual sounds. Ghosts are also known to bring crashes, bangs, and flicking lights.

2. Mysterious Movements

If you notice something if pushing, pulling or moving objects around your room, even if they are light, small and usually remain still, your spirits may likely be responsible for secretly moving these objects. This scenario can also occur in the kitchen cabinets, revealing a sign that some spirit is wrestling there.

3. Cold Spots and Freezing Breeze

If you usually experience the sudden chill of a blasting air conditioner even when warming forces demand you usually don’t feel cold wth and your windows are closed, and the temperature is moderate? You have a reason to suspect that the sudden cold air is the work of ghosts biding their existence in the house.

4. Having Paranormal Sights

Such strange incidence like the sight of ghostly apparitions, and shimmery figures slipping in lights, shapes or blurbs located in certain patterns might be said to serve as spiritual awareness.

5. Tools Used at Random without Explanation:

Young children hardly commit these acts, and it can be very challenging to have possessions disappear or random tools take ‘a life of their own. Does your property reflect such movements or that kind of place spooks can mess around? This kind of layer-level scenarios often include doors that open and lock strangely or lights turning on by themselves without warning or reason.


To conclude, these are the top five signs that could mean a ghostly presence in your home. Spirits are mostly emotionally or rash-governing, and while some may hardly attempt a proper way of communication, the issues discussed clearly allude to their existences. If it appears like such situations happen now and then and surmount to pretty erratic behaviors, then confronting the actual truth that spirits occupy your property is a fastidious choice.

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