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4) From Coachella to Glastonbury: The Best Music Festivals Across the Globe

From Coachella to Glastonbury: The Best Music Festivals Across the Globe

Ah, music festivals. The perfect opportunity to get lost in the rhythm, surrounded by friends, in venues more picturesque than your living room. Delight your ears, embrace various cultures, and have a celebratory adventure at one of the musical gatherings.

If this is your first foray into the music festival world, with hundreds of events worldwide, there may be a bit of dazzlement regarding which festival(s) to attend. Have no fear – to assist with your planning, we’ve collected a list of some of the greatest music festivals around the world. Check it out:

Coachella, Palm Springs, California, U.S.

Coachella slowly climbs to the peak of its reputation as a leading music festival in the world, with its combination of top-notch music, fashion standards, and A-List Hollywood additions. Needless to say, it’s well-suited for a not-taking-yourself-too-severely side experience. Grab your trendy (sunglasses necessary) outfit and plan for majestic days and cooler evenings in the California sunshine.

Glastonbury, U.K.

Glastonbury is undoubtedly one music festival on everyone’s lifelong list, and once you realise it’s not only artists performing interminably, you will get it. Raised on the Holy Ground nationwide, the June solstice-weekend celebration brings memories of past visits and notions of future return. So prepare to indulge in British rock history.

Burning Man, Nevada, U.S.

You may have seen photos of the outlandish semi-permanent installations at Burning Man. The photographs usually consist of bare-hybrid humans of all sizes basking in the melted skyline of the Black Rock City. Burning Man is the festival type where attendees move upstairs and beyond autonomous concerts and look for one-of-a-kind enlightenment. Did I mention that cell phone signals vanish 50 miles north of the facility and it’s regarded a ‘playa?.

Tomorrowland, Boom, Belgium

Created in 2005, Tomorrowland may be one of Belgium’s many strengths, among numerous acclaimed foods and beers. In comparison to Woodstock, Tomorrowland boasts reports not only of music and art but also chats around global institutionalised peace and unity-targeted non-profit actions. Snap up the exclusive journeys worldwide performed in Giani Luminati’s scope at the primary display before it commences to soundmind business professionals.

Some concerts universally carried are Reading and Leeds (U.K.), Lollapalooza (Chicago, U.S.), Roskilde (Denmark), and Fuji Rock (Japan).

Wherever you end up, make sure to relax, be present, and appreciate yourself – and consider some ear training and hearing insurance while you’re at it. Have a great time!

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