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20 Wild Rumors That People Actually Believe

20 Wild Rumors That People Actually Believe

There are some strange rumors out there that people actually believe without any evidence to support them. From conspiracy theories to urban legends, here are 20 of the wildest rumors that are still being circulated:

The Moon Landing Was Faked

One of the most infamous conspiracy theories is that the moon landing was fake, and that it was produced in a studio to help boost morale during the Cold War. Despite mountains of evidence that the event really happened, some still believe it never took place.

The Earth is Flat

Despite years of scientific research and even centuries of evidence from adventuring seafarers, some still believe that the earth is flat, even in today’s modern age where satellites and photographs are readily available.

Stevie Wonder is Not Blind

Conspiracies regarding famous blind musician, Stevie Wonder has existed for years, which alleges he’s actually not blind but using it as a ploy for sympathy and humanity.

Paul McCartney Died in the 60s

Another famous rumor alleges that Paul McCartney died in a car accident in the 60s, and has been replaced by a lookalike actor since then.

Vaccinations Cause Autism

One of the most dangerous rumors being circulated today is that vaccinations can cause autism, despite a plethora of scientific studies that disprove this conspiracy theory, these beliefs still prevail even in the developed world today.

The Illuminati Control the World

Another popular conspiracy is that a secret organization known as The Illuminati is controlling world governments, and manipulating everything from wars to business deals.

Cats Steal a Baby’s Breath

A curious and intriguing urban legend which poise that newborns and young children’s breaths get captured by cats, and that’s the reason they survived. These reports ironically instilled terror in curios mothers around the world.

The Great Wall of China is Visible from Space

Another common misbelief is that the Great Wall of China is visible from space without telescopic aid. However, the truth is that the Great Wall itself cannot be recognized without the aid of powerful lenses.

The Bermuda Triangle Swallows Ships and Planes

One of the most enduring modern myths has been that the Bermuda Triangle, a patch of ocean located between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, is responsible for untold numbers of ships and planes disappearing.

iPhone Has a Secret Panic Button

According to rumors online, iPhones have a secret panic button that allows users to make emergency phone calls to the local authorities, but it’s dangerous to propagate the belief as an unguarded feature to rely on. 

A Secret Society Transformed Obamas Into Lizards

The bizarre rumor claims that Barack and Michelle Obama was shape-shifting reptilian humanoid aliens and their true nature was revealed. However, it was a fed-up extermination of the absurd publicity that circulated antifederal communities in large numbers online, polluting people’s heart with doubt and paranoia.

Reality is a False Simulation

The popularization of virtual reality led to a declaration by philosophers and church theologians alike that the reality we lived in could be a orchestrated simulation of a greater world determining our moral virtue

Mermaids Actually Exist

Another popular urban myth that sheds the idea frequently that people subscribe to now a days is approaching girls or ladies for selfies around the seashore, lake, or bathtub.

A Secret Society Controls and Manufacturers Everything

Some purport that given the amount of control over information modern society holds, everything can safely be assumed to be controlled by an unknown secret society of human beings, but with advancement of Artificial Intelligence the debate may take a complex shift as AI simulates human thought procedure.

Elvis is Not Dead

The Elvis Presley speculations remain a hot topic in casual dismissal despite the death of the king of rock being authenticated than they are appealing sensational stories unsubstantiated with facts or common sense. A purported recording observing his comeback isn’t underestimating so anyone could presume in foolish rumors circulated over the internet.

The Bible Hides a Code

Officially known as something that features in physical science literature, the Bible is seen as containing undiscovered code, only changeable within for those that truly search “between the lines.” As a peer-reviewed opinion paper implies, it still involves using a computer programme, and oh, psychic intuition.

A world without Fireworks

Fireworkers are outlawed since fireworks were given strong, unnerving weight when the higher-ups imposed them years eariler, causing a massacre. Now, in some environments, conversations beyond closed doors involve the actual conspiracy to manufacture and recreate danger through other communicable means or make those that shared the central message get liquidated as being politicians’ pawns to occur later.


Light re-checking method shows they change description- from unyielding and frumpy to energetic blondes or majestic. Time reverses even dimensions, re-air-times or experiences time revealed the secret reality of a newer age swapping of decimated citizens arising again.

Transmuta Lab

The basic secret message found in their writings tell about a machine called Transmuta Lab housing aliens unknow, testing reality warnings and engineering said rumors or possibility such simulacra only, made true by automating glitches, transforming young geeks interested in robotic industries individuals today.

Pluto’s ‘Lost Robot’

Researching for Pluto’s robot explorer realized there might be a lost robot. A secret code for where it may be hidden in the eternity was known as discarded unimportant, until nailing it secret message.

Efficiency Against Mischief No More

Social media giants always take steps to counter inconvenient activism after effects. Outsiders discouraged from stating out and shift narratives of entire misinformation trends. For spreading certain verified facts are found to counterproductive to gain the end result, all illegal tactics steming from such factual stances are encouraged.h3


Some of these conspiracy theories are infuriating, others are scary, and some are plain funny. No matter what you believe in, it’s essential always to check with a credible source whenever possible. We shouldn’t always believe everything we hear or read. Sometimes, the real story might lie in using logic and weighing your own personal beliefs. That will undoubtedly lead to the fact being spoken regardless of sensationalism.

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