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10 Surprising Facts About The White House You Never Knew

10 Surprising Facts About The White House You Never Knew

10 Surprising Facts About The White House You Never Knew

Most of us have heard about the White House being home to many US presidents since the 1800s. But did you know about the fascinating secrets that are hidden inside? Let me bring you up to speed about some intriguing and unexpected revelations that will make you look at the White House in a new light. Ready? Let’s dive in!

The President’s Private Area

Did you know the White House has a special third-floor section called the “Residential Area”? This suite of rooms provide a residential space to the President every night. Quite impressive!

Historic Rooms That Have Been Moved

You might be surprised to know that some of the iconic White House rooms, such as the Lincoln Bedroom, have actually been relocated to different parts of the building over time. So the location of the rooms you see today are not the original places where they were constructed.

A Hidden Swimming Pool

Indeed, the White House has a secret swimming pool! This feature is visible when prying eyes look at the roof, in the vicinity of the Oval Office.

Who Drives the President’s Car?

You would assume that the President’s car always had a chauffeur, but there have been instances where the Commander-in-Chief used to enjoy the experience of driving “the beast” (the likeness of the presidential car) at leisure.

The Refurbished Rose Garden

All of us know about the Rose Garden in the White House, but the newest redesign project has given the place a more spacious look, with significant upgrades such as modern amenities and marbled planters in the premises.

Underground Tunnels Beneath The White House?

Did you know that an astounding number of tunnels run underground beneath the White House, to and from locations such as the West Wing, the EEOB Building and Secretary of Defense office?

Yesterday’s Marshland On Today’s Landscape

The site of where the White House currently stands was once an alluring marsh that characterized the much smaller city of DC before it grew into what it is today.

The Kitchen Is A Busy Place At The White House

The White House kitchen is a beehive of activity each apparent day, perpetually starting out amazing confections and eclectic food items to gratify the palate of the President and visitors from any part of the world.

Technical Security At The White House

The technical security measures adopted through innovation by the US authorities may astound you; ranging from digital locks to magnetic sensors, perception inferring cameras and an ever-laser-sharp beam for deflecting and detecting unmanned aerial vehicles that may trespass on presidential airspace.

The Greenbelt Surrounding The White House

You might have seen the portraits throughout your school or educational tours but here is an interesting detail; look at the vivid colors bordering the patio, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the garden oasis rather than hustle right past the property. The rose plant population alone on the premises is more ancient than even the creation of the country itself, and this coupled with the newest flamboyant colors acquired adds to the property’s renewed sense of history as it evolves.

Wrapping up, these unbelievable facts about the Washington DC landmark continue to help it live up to its cherished national brand, unequivocally giving people the experience of the history caught on the walls.

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