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10 Reasons Vue.js Should Be Your New Website’s BFF

10 Reasons Vue.js Should Be Your New Website’s BFF


Vue.js is a progressive Javascript framework that can be used to build scalable web applications. Thanks to its simplicity and flexibility, Vue.js has become a popular web development tool in recent years. In this article, we will discuss ten reasons why Vue.js should be the BFF of your new website.

1. Easy to Learn

Vue.js is easy to learn, even for those with little experience in web development. The framework features straightforward syntax and documentation, which make it easy to understand the basics of the language in less time.

2. Versatile Framework

Vue.js is an excellent JavaScript framework for building single-page applications, progressive web apps, and web applications. It has a comprehensive set of tools and features that makes it versatile and adaptable to different needs.

3. Faster Development Cycle

One of the reasons Vue.js is a preferred framework for web developers is its fast development cycle. Vue.js streamlines coding to accelerate coding time and reduce the pain of repetitive coding. Thanks to its fast performance, you can build complex designs efficiently with Vue.js.

4. Easy to Integrate with Existing Applications

If you had a previous web application developed with other front-end frameworks, you can easily integrate your Vue.js application with your pre-existing web application or multi-page websites to create new, complex and scalable apps.

5. Reactive Data Binding

Vue.js features a reactive data binding capacity, based on the “Observer” design pattern, that is easy to understand and helps keep data much more synchronized for dynamic content. Therefore, it enables automatic updates when a property has been updated. This way, building dynamic applications with constant changes will become much easier.

6. Small Size

Vue.js has a compact size that is easy to integrate into other projects, making it feasible when developing products with minimal footprints on load time, storage background, and more.

7. Incredible modular library

Vue.js comes equipped with a rich set of libraries, making it one of the most flexible frameworks we have around, irrespective of covering all front-end solutions such as UX designs, transitions and component incorporations, among others.

8. Better Stability of Website

Vue.js provides a platform through which building large-scale applications becomes extremely straightforward when restructuring and programming which lead to comprising the stability of the system regarding ease of use and featuring fewer significant irritating angular crashes faced by most front-end engineers.

9. Easy to Integrate With Other Technologies

Vue.js is easy to integrate with other technologies, such as Redux, React, MongoDB, and Laravel APIs or other RESTful APIs, which means that your small website or web application based on Vue.js, can easily grow and expand using external technologies.

10. We all love Vue, Vuers and more Vuers

Vue’s supportive, helpful and passionate community makes using Vue much more exciting. From community plugins to the official Documentation available, many other resources make it a breeze to get started, find and fix bugs and issues, and leverage the most sustainable methods.


As opposed to other web development frameworks such as Angular or React, Vue.js as your new website BFF will provide a scalable, stable and efficient approach when building complex web-based applications. With simpler, faster and an incredible easier interface for building highly efficient and scalable web applications, it’s no wonder Vue.js is such a lean, resilient framework. It comes packed with invaluable features that not only make it easier to customize and build intuitive and user-friendly applications but also do so with speed and lesser bootstrapping required.

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