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10 Political Columnists Changing How We Think About Politics

10 Political Columnists Changing How We Think About Politics

Politics inspires strong reactions from people regardless of where they stand with respect to a range of socio-inverse topics like climate change, immigration, crime, and so forth. With the emergence of the digital era and social media, however, political leanings have become much more polarized, creating a much-needed avenue for political columnists. These writers zone in on certain topics and give readers insightful perspectives on the wider effects of macro and micro policies. The following is a list of 10 political columnists changing how we think about politics.

Helen Lewis

Former staff writer for the New Statesman and the deputy editor of the website, Lewis taps into contemporary social issues with her inclusive sharp style. Most importantly, she has the envied skill of injecting humor in her writing, creating a light vibe amidst serious topics a and hope amidst dark times.

David Attenborough

As backed by his recent documentaries such as Our Planet and Life story amongst others, Attenborough articulates the connection between politics and our planet. His mellifluous voice serves as a guide and unifies nations by making the planet a shared problem we should all strive to solve together.

Jonathan Freedland

Regardless of how a situation would involve, Freedland usually has something wise to say. In his column on The Guardian, globally reflective topics on social policy, the Trump administration, and Brexit, all converge for his indistinguishable thoughts worth following.

Ross Douthat

Opinion Journalism would likely be worse without Ross Douthat, whose work has been balanced without including biasness in right-wing perspectives The New York Times most notably..

Michelle Goldberg

An invaluable contributor to progressive publication The Nation, Goldberg’s column covers topics ranging from Left activism to Metoo, and as expected thoroughly attended lately the Trump-Illuminati leitmotif

George Monbiot

The Guardian describes Monbiot’ sustainable solution-driven, i.e., Guardian column as “incendiary,” but in the most civilized way possible. George is impassioned with impeccable imagination about “Fixing it.”

Julie Burchill

Burchill doesn’t care for political-correctness hence stealing fresh thoughts from Julie can one minute expose you to ridiculous insults such as genuine headline that reads “trans fans suicide note linked to genital surgery deemed deceptive,mom says…” mentioned in TheObserver. Notwithstanding, she bats for the same team advocating fo choice, equality and of human identity

A.C. Grayling

Inner spheres neglected in national policies are fronted by this professor Graling his articles abound with humane challenges: A fairer voting system, arms control, refugees trapped in Syria, peace in the Middle East amongst others

Margaret Sullivan

Sullivan is much conversant when discussing media topics, in places where she has worked like The Washington Post, Buffalo’s News Amoungst all others even though she is very critical about the news eg Fuckerberg on how to digitize journalismisn’t the healthy outline journalism needs: Safety of content archetypes should change such as editorial innovation.

Jennifer Szalai

Herself included Jennifer awakens and conquers grave literary prospects as well, partly literary in what would be recommended texts most notably The Bibliophiles

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